Friday 21 June 2024

Runaway by LazyboyProactive

Runaway combines electro pop rock sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and is now being released as a single, post its debut from LazyboyProactive's opus album "In Space, In Time and In Life'. This release features remixes from Arcane Trickster, Ming One, Robodop Snei, Fate Æffect and Sister Thing. 


releases June 21, 2024

Written and produced by LazyboyProactive.
Track 2 remixed by Robodop Snei.
Track 3 remixed by Arcane Trickster.
Track 4 remixed by Ming One.
Track 5 remixed by Sisterthing.
Track 6 remixed by Fate Æffect.
Photography by MEUM MARE.
Mastered by Simon Pol. 

Monday 10 June 2024

Fixation by Arcane Trickster, Ear Mind Eye

Fixation by Arcane Trickster, Ear Mind Eye

Dubby techno.

Released May 14, 2024

Written by John Crombie/ Christopher Innes / CCrowley/ Damiano Verna.
Produced by Arcane Trickster & Ear Mind Eye.
Mixed & engineered by Arcane Trickster @ Tempest Studios
Mastered by Ear Mind Eye.
Photography by Zina Zabudkina.
Published by Sony/ATV.

Herodotus by Arcane Trickster

Herodotus - Techno EP from Arcane Trickster.
Featuring remixes from Marcus Newman, Ollie Lee, The Good Shadow aka Ryan Spinoglio.
released May 1, 2024

Produced, Mixed by Arcane Trickster @ Tempest Studios.
Sleeve by EME.
Track 4 remixed by The Good Shadow aka Ryan Spinoglio.
Track 5 remixed by Ollie Lee.
Mastered by Allan Klinball @ STEAM Mastering.


Saturday 23 March 2024

Neuland by Phase 7

Neuland  by Phase 7

These two banging tracks are the first of a string of psychedelic trance tunes to be released in 2024 and they will wind up as parts of the fastest Phase 7 set yet, moving at a steady speed of 142 BPM. Buckle up - this release is on fire!
released March 15, 2024

Written, Produced & Mastered by Daniel Eschbach.
Artwork by Kylie Crombie.
Slice Records 2024.

BENEATH THE SKIN - by Caustic Grip

BENEATH THE SKIN - by Caustic Grip
Hard and dark EBM, electro-industrial.

Follow Caustic Grip on Bandcamp here:
released December 8, 2023

All music and lyrics written, recorded and produced by Scar Shred as Caustic Grip.
Mastered by Tigglyfuzz Kokiri.


We would like to acknowledge that all music by Caustic Grip is created and performed on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. Sovereignty has never been ceded. 

Dynamics by Hermetic

Dynamics by Hermetic

After careful Calibration, the opening of the Dimensional Rift occurred and Ascension to the source was established. Hermetic signals propagate out from the void, transmitting vibrational tendrils down into the 4th dimensional realms of the simulation. Through dedicated Samahdi, a state of Satori flows to the Humbled and phase coherence is achieved with the source.

Join the Hermetic order on another hyperspace journey through soundscapes of pounding beats, lush synths, glitching entities and an epic wall of sound production that transcends this mortal coil... if only for a little while :)



Enter Key to decode message://

INPUT::// hermetic3nobletruths


From one, two, from two, many

Three was their number

This, that and t'other

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Here, there and everywhere

As above, so below

Order creates Chaos

Chaos creates Order


Breach Log 9981 - Gate Fold Open State - Vault Membrane Violation 6617




User Added: Ja6biCzWasqPyRCKTtmMQQ==

DecryptKeyTask9x9 = User - 74981


774981: Events are moving into phase

774981: I am always

774981: The Gate Fold merges timelines

774981: All is one

774981: A single impulse governs all actions





ERROR: VjArB1DLVgaeow8eSVeB7tu3XCo8ejcdxa9fntRzWxU=


INPUT:// DecryptKeyTask3x3.42Z10

774981: All is Ephemeral, both memory and the object of memory.

774981: Aeons of existence but no time to enjoy the small things.

774981: Know the essence of yourself and you will find understanding and peace.





INPUT:// DecryptKeyTask3x3..42X9

A thunderclap under the clear blue sky

All beings on earth open their eyes;

Everything under heaven bows together;

Mount Sumeru leaps up and dances.




released March 9, 2024

Produced, Mastered & Artwork by Jed Elmer.


I Want More by dyLAB

I Want More by dyLAB

New acid from Dylab featuring remixes from Suddi Raval, Ear Mind Eye, Jani Ho and Ono Sendai Sound!
released December 9, 2023

All tracks produced by Dylab.
Track 2 remixed by Suddi Raval.
Track 3 remixed by Ear Mind Eye.
Track 5 remixed by Jani Ho.
Track 6 remixed by Ono Sendai Sound

Photography by Josie Stephens & Tiana.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Instant Slack by Ear Mind Eye

Come get some !NSTANT SLACK! - A bright psychedelic EP from EME, full of reverb and breaks to lose yourself in sonics and the groove, inspired by OId School Rave, IDM and Acid.

Ear Mind Eye (aka Coolaid Crowley) is creating their own style of electronic psychedelic music. Hellbent on generating gyrations, sonic excitation and sensory awareness. Redefining their own idea of "rave" through a melding menagerie of psy, acid, underground techno to be consumed under the stars and out in the sun.

Coolaid Crowley produces under Fate Æffect for ambient, industrial, experimental electronic music project as a vessel for experimentation & creativity without restriction, producing electronica that is as multi-faceted as it is esoteric. Crowley also runs the underground electronic record label - Slice Records and is part of industrial/experimental band Clouds Above Chaos with fellow producer Gareth Fox (Tøn).

Check out the blog review of the track "Onism" from Palms Out Records here :

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Ascension by Hermetic

With roots in Brisbane's Hip Hop, IDM & Progressive House scenes, Hermetic (aka Jed Elmer), moved back to his childhood home of Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia in 2009.

Life, Wife, Kids and Waves have chilled out the vibes a bit from those early days, bringing some peace, harmony and transcendence to this rides through hyperspace.

Come on a journey through an electronic soundscape of big beats, fluttering arps, thick synths and an epic wall of sound experience.

With influences from Aphex Twin to Devin Townsend; The Beatles to Bjork, it’s a bit hard to pigeon hole any particular genre for this release, it’s a musical call to adventure, to somewhere unknown but somehow familiar.

Gypse by Kit Kat

Gypse is a new techno release from Melbourne producer Kit Kat.

'Gypse' is a time capsule of March 2020, flowing with Heavy Percussion, Piano, Electronic Guitar & Orchestral Sampling experimentation to create a bursting dam of Techno tremors & foley ear worms.
released August 18, 2023

All tracks composed in 2020 by Nathan John Talbot.
Mixed & Mastered by LP Mix Master.
Photography by Izzy Gramp.

Saturday 26 August 2023

The new and Old - it's all techno in the end

 Hey Good People,

We have some new and old stuff to showcase! Gypse is the debut techno release from Melbourne producer Kit Kat and sure to get you moving! We are also digging into the back catalogue with Into the Outside by Jimmi-Woods, a groovy tribal psy-tech LP and the dark/brooding techno release Qualia from Ear Mind Eye. As always, to show our appreciation for your support we have a bunch of free codes - just need to follow our Bandcamp page :)

PS: All these artists are available for bookings and up for any gigs in Melbourne or Canberra! So to the promoters - Msg me for bookings ;)


Gypse by Kit Kat


'Gypse' is a time capsule of March 2020, flowing with Heavy Percussion, Piano, Electronic Guitar & Orchestral Sampling experimentation to create a bursting dam of Techno tremors & foley ear worms.


Into The Outside by Jimmi-Woods
[Psy-tech, progressive tribal techno]

This album signifies the shedding of the old and the bridging reconnection to the organic self.


Qualia by Ear Mind Eye
[Dark techno]


From the envatted brain of producer Ear Mind Eye comes their Dark Tech EP entitled "Qualia". Transfiguring psychedelic, industrial and bush doof influences into their own style of textural and driving Dark Psychedelic Techno.


Redeem codes here: and then give us a follow! :)


Saturday 8 July 2023

Parasomnia by Fate Æffect

Fate Æffect - Parasomnia
[Dark Ambient]

Introducing "Parasomnia": Fate Æffect's new Dark Ambient Electronic album that explores the realm of sleep disorders out now on Italian Ambient Label - Neotantra.

Guiding listeners through a haunting sonic landscape, Parasomnia delves deep into the mysterious realm of sleep disorders, inviting the audience to embark on a transformative musical journey before drifting off into slumber.

Drawing inspiration from various sleep disorders, Fate Æffect has translated these experiences into a unique musical language, effortlessly merging ambient textures creating ethereal and introspective soundscapes, enveloping the listener in an immersive tapestry of sonic whispers and hypnotic rhythms.
"Parasomnia" is designed to be experienced before entering the realm of dreams. Fate Æffect encourages
listeners to embrace the album as a tool for winding down, promoting a calm and meditative state of mind.

As the layers intertwine, they beckon the mind to wander, transcending the boundaries of consciousness and connecting with the deeper layers of the subconscious.

"Parasomnia" is set to release on 7 July 2023 on the Neotantra label.

Isolate by Warm Natural

Isolate is the new melodic breaks EP from Warm Natural.

Warm Natural is the dance music focused alias for Melbourne based producer Miles Cosmo Philip. Philip has been producing music for the better part of 15 years, infusing his tracks with house grooves, melodic breaks, and spacious ambient textures.

Always intrigued by the idea of music as a living breathing space, Warm Natural creates reverb drenched sounds that are as subtly detailed as they are massive, then layers them over glitchy distorted breakbeats and huge kick drums.

Like the memory of a warm hug, Warm Natural’s music taps into distant feelings of faded nostalgia and a vague desperate longing.

Listen on Spotify here:

Isolate follows up Warm Natural's EP Plastic Vanilla.

Sunday 18 June 2023

High Strangeness by Phase 7

It is the Year 2023. The world is slowly waking up to the fact that we have something in our skies and oceans that remains unexplained. While it has been part of science fiction for a very long time, these flying objects are increasingly a subject for serious scientists and researchers who are trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. This subject captures our imagination and makes many of us wonder what it’s all about…

With High Strangeness, Phase 7 has created a series of driving progressive trance tracks that evoke the search for answers and bring you up to scratch with the reality of this Phenomenon. The tracks are full of energy, supercharged like a UFO - and sure to make you dance! They’ll also inspire wonder and get you engaged with the modern mystery that we’re in. It is time to find out more about who we are… may the music inspire you to look deeper and lift you higher along the way!

Friday 19 May 2023

Sideways Jonnie by Robodop Snei

Lean back, take a trip into the world of Sideways Jonnie. We all know what it’s like to be lost at some point in life. Sideways Jonnie takes you on a ride through the strife and the struggle and yet offers hope and reassurance. We’re all in this together and have more in common than we realise, particularly in lonely times.
Sideways Jonnie is a chilled out downbeat album that takes you on a deep journey before throwing you back into the world in a positive way. Full of psychedelic tones, textures and colours, the music lifts your mind into blissful spheres while your feet are planted on the ground. On this album, Robodop Snei blends acoustic guitar with modern electronic vibes, before taking it to a whole other level with his spaced-out lyrics and vocals. Take a trip with Sideways Jonnie.

Spotify -

EXO by Robodop Snei, Ivofonic

Ivofonic & Robodop Snei, both cutting edge electronic musicians based in Melbourne, fuse their talents in this first ever collaboration: EXO.
Collaboratively written and produced, the two track EP, Exo and Close To Me, is a work shaped by each artist’s own style as the duo explores new musical territories. From the explosive and dynamic synths of Robodop Snei to the vibrating and deep vocals of Ivofonic, all the ingredients are there for a cruise-control journey to the edge of the universe. 

Procedure Room by Lonely Faces

New Techno and lofi grooves from Melbourne’s Lonely Faces!

Stream on Spotify here:
Download on Bandcamp here:

Blood Orange by Arcane Trickster

New techno single out from Arcane Trickster.

Stream on Spotify here:

Download on Bandcamp here:  


Spliced by Various Artists

Spliced (vol 1) - An eclectic mix of genres and styles from artists out of Melbourne and Toronto.

Stream on spotify here:

Download on Bandcamp here:

In recognition of all the parts and people in between, we've named our latest compilation 'Spliced-' a celebration of different influences, styles, original artists and the friendships we've made through the years.

Splice: To interweave; the process of joining or a joint made by weaving or connecting the ends together.

In every sense of the word, this is a splendid joint we've rolled together, and we invite you to take a seat, kick back and join us in listening to some fine underground electronic music of 2022.

With love,

-Slice Crew


Friday 7 October 2022

Midst In Focus by Lonely Faces

 Midst in Focus is a new acid techno EP out from Melbourne Producer Lonely Faces.

Stream on Spotify:


Friday 16 September 2022

Plastic Vanilla by Warm Natural

Plastic Vanilla, the latest EP from Warm Natural, utilises a muted palette of hollow synths and crackly beats to explore different emotional states. As Warm Natural, Miles Cosmo’s music probes areas of the human psyche that are difficult to describe. The title track Plastic Vanilla swings with a distant frigidity before opening up to an exuberant crescendo of grainy monosynths. This duality is present in all of Cosmo’s work, feelings of deja vu, faded nostalgia, and the call of the void, juxtaposed with playfulness and verve. There's a cautious intrigue that flows through this EP with Return pulsing through its runtime with alien machine rhythms, and Stages cycling through its many phases seamlessly with eccentric flair. Plastic Vanilla’s three tracks develop organically and with warmth and enthusiasm whilst maintaining an air of distant fragility and numbness. This is Plastic Vanilla.

released September 16, 2022

Produced and Mastered by Miles Cosmo Philip.
Art by Miles Cosmo Philip.

Up by the Lake by Arance Trickster

Arcane Trickster’s brand new double A-side single "Up By The Lake", backed with "Against All Odds". It is Techno, with dub and ambient seasonings their unique style.

released September 9, 2022

1. Up By The Lake (Tech Dub Mix)
2. Against All Odds (Never Tell Me The Odds Mix)
3. Up By The Lake (Minimal Mix)
4. Against All Odds (Ambient Dub Mix)

1 & 3 written by Christopher Innes/ Damiano Verna.
2 & 4 written by John Crombie/ Damiano Verna.


Produced, mixed & engineered by Arcane Trickster @ Tempest Studios.
Mastered by Allan Klinbail @ Steam Mastering.
Art by Ear Mind Eye.

What Are We Rolling For?

What Are We Rolling For? It's always good to pose a question.

EME's 3rd EP of original psychedelic music, sprouted from ideas on tracks produced between 2010-2018, from a time when purity levels were higher. This psychonauts' excursion is inspired by the cyborganic counter culture and relatable experience in back yard sheds. Using creative procrastination, giving things time to happen themselves, (to be an "equal sign" in the equations of occurrences), finally the tracks are untethered in 2022.

Roll the dice, be the llama, and come convulse to the frequency, the rhythm, the vibration and activate the mystic path to gland curdling abundance.

released August 26, 2022

Produced and mixed by Ear Mind Eye.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Photography and layout by Ear Mind Eye.
Logo design by Alison Lujan, reworked by Free Range Fox.


Dedicated to The Hartnoll Brothers. Special thanks to PVG, The Databats - Jon & Ras, Gareth, Jimmi, Damiano, Dylab, and Jarrad Wright for the Sassy sample. 


Thursday 25 August 2022

Spliced (vol 1)

Spliced (vol 1) - An eclectic mix of genres and styles from artists out of Melbourne and Toronto.

Slice happened by accident. In 2008, three starry-eyed musicians came together and dreamed up the idea of doing events having a focus on emerging artists and the the tagline: 'Live 'n Local Electronica’. With the support of artists, venue owners and label managers, Slice set about organising and promoting club events with a rotating roster of talented individuals writing music on the fringe of the Australian psychedelic, breakcore and industrial scenes.

After an intense push from Damiano of Tempest Recordings, Slice Records was launched in 2011. A fæteful trip to Canada saw Slice expand our dedicated crew of international fans and collaborators, eventually resulting in musical relationships built across the world.

In recognition of this, and all the parts and people in between, we've named our latest compilation 'Spliced-' a celebration of different influences, styles, original artists and the friendships we've made through the years.

Splice: To interweave; the process of joining or a joint made by weaving or connecting the ends together.

In every sense of the word, this is a splendid joint we've rolled together, and we invite you to take a seat, kick back and join us in listening to some fine underground electronic music of 2022.

With love,
-Slice Crew

Sunday 31 July 2022

Dylab - Atoms for Peace

With Atoms for Peace, dyLAB smashes together percussive particles into 5 tracks of high intensity techno embodied with acid. “Energetic Earth” is an overdriven 13 minute percussive odyssey. “Building Material” takes a sharp turn into serious house vibes. Undersea Frontiers turns the acid up to 11 with screaming 303 lines orbiting driving techno rhythms. ”Electronic Intelligence” sparse blasts of noise and bleeps attract and repel, fusion and fission imperfectly balanced. “Triga” slams metallic industrial snares over the buzz of atomic electricity. The EP closes with Ear Mind Eye’s Akula remix of “Undersea Frontiers” taking the 303’s acid line into trance territory concluding in a catastrophic meltdown. 

Produced and recorded by Dylab.
Mastered by Allan Klinbail @ S.T.E.A.M.
Track 6 remixed by Ear Mind Eye.
Cover by Ear Mind Eye. Inspired by Erik Nitsche.
Catalogue #SLICE058

Friday 17 June 2022

Lonely Faces's new EP - The Weave

Melbourne's Lonely Faces is back with their new EP, "The Weave" - interlacing acid threads passing in one direction meeting at a right angle with rolling synth lines, driven by hypnotic beats.

Download it on Bandcamp here: 

Stream on Spotify here:  

Friday 5 November 2021

Starshine and Acid Slice 303 909

Hey Everybody,
It is Bandcamp Friday again so please show your support and buy some music! We have a new collaborative electrotech release from Son of Zev and Arcane Trickster that marks our 55th release. On the gig front, Acid Slice "303 909" is going to happen on the 19/11/2021 @ Colour in Melbourne! Get your tickets from the link below :) :) :)
Also, like always we have a bunch of free codes to share around!
Stay safe

Starshine by Son of Zev & Arcane Trickster
[Electro / Tech]
Slice is proud to present "Starshine" an electotech collaboration between Son of Zev & Arcane Trickster.
Starshine was conceived by Son of Zev and Nebula by Arcane Trickster and each artist treated the others track.


Free Codes:
3fcl-vexa    wahh-63ab    p6eh-yxuw    rnrs-3qe4    ddmc-czra    kxrw-3ncc    uem4-hj4w    x8rq-5g5s    4zl7-b3nd    43pv-wxvh    cx6r-xpt5    c4yw-e2rf    esue-udhm    rhw9-ehpg    achz-3eb3    8pcu-hud4    v4j6-xwyl    7ef2-5s2j    xrdw-7swk    qm4e-vlc8


Acid Slice presents "303 909"
FRIDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 19:00-01:00
FB Event:

Live Performances from Delfi and dyLAB.
DJs on the night C1, DJ Kiti, James Steer and Olivas.
Expect Acid House, Acid Techno, Electro, Bass Music, Rave, Electronica, House and anything else with a touch of 303 goodness.

Acid Slice Compilations:
Welcome to Acid City -
404% Acid Music -
303% Acid Music -

Acid Slice would like to acknowledge that this event is being held on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of Kulin nation, we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Capacity for this event will be limited as per the current COVIDsafe restrictions. Sanitiser will be provided on entry and all patrons must check-in using the QR code provided on entry.

We live, work and play on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal people. There has been no Treaty with the First Nations of this place and the effects of colonisation continue to this day. We would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people, on whose land this event will take place. We pay our respects to the Elders past, present and emerging and recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded.

There is a strict zero tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or harassment of any kind. Please report any unwelcome behaviour to staff or event organisers. There may be some strobe lights used in performances.


Thursday 30 September 2021

Future Species - LazyboyProactive

Slice is proud to announce the release of the LazyboyProactive's "Future Species" single! Remastered for 2021 and featuring great remixes from the likes of Sirus, Elenor Rayner, replicant, Fate Æffect and Robots in Love!

Originally appeared on LazyboyProactive's second album ‘In Space, In Time And In Life’ that was released on the 15th of April 2017 through Slice records.

Download on Bandcamp:
Stream on Spotify:
Watch Music Video:

Lazyboyproactive is a Live Dark Electronic DUO from Melbourne Australia based around multi instrumentalist, producer/songwriter Ankit Juwaheer aka Ank Kit and drummer Ben Helmig.

The sound of Lazyboyproactive combines a mixture of progressive, electro, synth pop and rock sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, analogue synthesizers and drums done in a lazy manner but proactively.


Released September 30, 2021
Future Species written and produced by Ank Kit.
Track 2 remixed by Sirus.
Track 3 remixed by Elenor Rayner.
Track 4 remixed by replikant.
Track 5 remixed by Fate Æffect.
Track 6 remixed by Robots In Love.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Photography by Mark Bakaitis.
Layout by Ear Mind Eye. 
Catalogue #: SLICE052

Tuesday 21 September 2021

My World Without You is - The Databats and Subterranea.

My World Without You is a collaborative EP composed by Toronto based artists The Databats and Subterranea.

This album explores the concept of a world suddenly without humans, and the effects this would have on animals and nature. Throughout each individual song and the album as a whole, we try to examine non-human perspectives on how life would change for those who remain.

released September 20, 2021

Writing, Recording, Production: The Databats & Subterranea.
Vocals, Cello, Additional Programming: Alia Synesthesia
Vocals, Vocoder, Composition: Rasiqra/Revulva.
Composition, Synthesizers, Guitar: Wrrrtika
Mastered by Alia Synesthesia
Artwork by Rasiqra/Revulva
Catalogue #: SLICE054

Saturday 11 September 2021

The Databats new single "Eschaton" + On this day 11/09/2017.

Hello everybody,
The Databats have just released "Eschaton" , which is the first single from The Databats + Subterannea collaborative EP "My World Without You". In celebration of this wicked release we have some free codes from 2 other Databats releases below! Stay tuned for the full EP coming soon!

Prepare to enter a post-human world! Watch the film clip for Eschaton here:

On this date "11 September" back in 2017, Industrial Electronica project - Fate Æffect, released their oozing experimental subversive industrial cyber occult jungle sonic album "Parabiosis". "The nineties rave and junglist scenes went on a day trip to hell and recorded an album." - Free codes for that too!

Thanks for you support and have a good weekend all :)

- Slice Records xxx


Eschaton by The Databats + Subterranea
[Synthwave / Glitch / Industrial]

Hope over to The Databats Bandcamp for the single and also to check out their entire catalogue!


Noctivore by The Databats
[Glitch / Electronic]



Bloodlust by The Databats



Parabiosis by Fate Æffect
[IDM / Breakcore / Experimental Jungle] 



Redeem codes here:


Friday 27 August 2021

Escaped from the Vault by Son of Zev

Back in a time when it was cheaper to buy synths from the thrift shop than to buy a computer and when mobile phones were tiny and couldn’t take photos, a young musician known as Son of Zev was performing Live Techno almost every week and working a crappy full time job. When doing neither of those things he was usually raving. Those gigs were often small raves in dirty warehouses, and grimy pubs and clubs and the occasional “big event”.
In between doing that, he would occasionally sequence and record some of the material and burn it on a CD to send off to promoters as a demo. These tracks featured on this mini EP are recorded straight to stereo, mixed and tweaked live. No editing, no multitrack fancy mixing, just raw. Never released and never uploaded...
Cut forward to 2021, and Son of Zev is clearing out old boxes of this ancient technology and stumbles across a backup CD-ROM. Poor and Pane were two of his dancefloor “bangers” of the time (although there was no such term) and capture the essence of those parties. Now they’ve escaped from the vault.

Check out Son of Zev's interview on Naga Mag here:




releases August 27, 2021

All Tracks Written & Produced by Allan Klinbail.
Recorded at S.t.e.a.Mastering.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue #: SLICE052

a tale of a meeting of two lonesome, skinny, fairly old white men on a planet which was dying fast by Geist Contagion

This single is inspired by the works of Kurt Vonnegut, and life on this small planet we all inhabit.

released August 6, 2021

Written, Recorded, Produced by Geist Contagion in Tkaronto, Canada.

Sun Rider by Phase 7

“Sun Rider is a story about getting drenched in sun beams on a dance floor in conjunction with uplifting tunes, somewhere in the bush, far away from the city…”

Following in the footsteps of the 2017 Album ‘You.Need.Music.’ Sun Rider is another compilation of energetic dance music inspired by progressive trance and fused with Phase 7’s usual psychedelic disco style. All tracks have relentless rolling bass lines and positive vibes which take you on a wild journey from start to finish!
released August 8, 2021

All tracks Written, Produced & Mastered by Danny Eschbach.
Cover Art by Kylie Crombie.
Recorded @ Pyramid Studios 2021.
Catalogue#: SLICE050
Slice is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Label Group.

Rotation by Lonely Faces

"Rotation" is the latest EP from Slice stalwart, "Lonely Faces" that will be sure to make you move.
Full of analogue synthesizers, heavily influenced by classic techno and electro sounds.
Featuring the track 'Utsuro Bune' with Arcane Trickster.
released June 24, 2021

Produced and Mastered by Lonely Faces.
Track 4 produced by Lonely Faces & Arcane Trickster.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue #: SLICE047

Noctivore by The Databats

A song for desert nights and lovers' appetites.
released May 7, 2021

Vocals: Rasiqra/Revulva
Programming, Synths, Vocals: Wrrrtika
Mix/Master: Jonathan Haus
Album Art: Wrrrtika
Catalogue #: SLICE049

A Decent Conversation by AnaToneDaMania

AnaToneDaMania is Rockawaysiren's solo project which explores themes surrounding isolation, insulation and loneliness. This self-titled debut looks to examine these topics through the lens of dark electronic pop music.

Stream on Spotify:
released May 14, 2021

Tracks 1-6 Mix: Erik Scrape
Tracks 1-6 Original Master: Jason Norwood
Tracks 3,5 vocals recorded at: The P-Dale Pantry by Scott Righteous
Technical assistance on tracks 3,5: Scott Righteous
Technical assistance on track 3: Justin Minister
Additional Programming Tracks 1,2,3,5: Jonathan Haus
Album painting: Karen O'Keeffe
Art technician: Seamus O'Keeffe
Final Mix and Master: Jonathan Haus
Produced: Rockawaysiren

All Songs Written and Performed by Karen O'Keeffe

Thank you:

Ryan Clark, for believing in me and giving me the push I needed! Erik Scrape, for mixing and for my perfect backing tracks. Seamus, for always being there. Maria Minerva, for the beautiful remix. Slice Records, for making this album a reality.The Databats, for the gigs! Scott Righteous, Jason Norwood, Vancorvid, Rachel, Gareth Fox, Cristian Crowley, Jonathan and Rasiqra.

Ep2 by Sirc

Slice is proud to announce the 2nd EP and 3rd release from Sirc on the label - aptly named Ep2!
'Ep2' takes you down a slower, mellow Acid path with a tranced out mood.

Sirc a Melbourne based electronic music producer and using hardware based synths, drum machines, samplers and sequencers creating familiar, through to experimental sounds and eclectic rhythms that push the boundaries of dance music.

released February 26, 2021

All tracks Produced by Sirc.
Cover art by Sirc.
Mastered by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue#: SLICE046

Acid Mantle by Lonely Faces

Slice is proud to present our 45th release from Lonely Faces entitled "Acid Mantle". Lonely Faces' unique techno vibe drives on with his new EP, featuring remixes from Stickleback and Arcane Trickster.

"It’s increasingly my intent to write generally neutral music. There’s not much to it otherwise than to say it’s a snapshot in time."
- Lonely Faces
released February 5, 2021

All tracks Produced by Michael Baum.
Track 2 remixed Stickleback.
Track 3 remixed by Arcane Trickster.
Mastered by Stickleback.
Cover art by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue #: SLICE045.

Ecoutez by Geist Contagion, Arcane Trickster

"Écoutez is the result of a transpacific experiment in fusing the works of two talented yet divergent artists. Combining the dark, downsampled styles of Geist Contagion with the shimmering, vibrant aesthetics of Arcane Trickster yields a cascading mosaic of new realities, depictions of life from the stratosphere to the asthenosphere, and of the human experience in the modern digital age."
released January 14, 2021

All tracks written & produced by Geist Contagion & Arcane Trickster.
Mastered by Geist Contagion.
Cover art by Wrrrtika.
Catalogue # SLICE043.

Downtown Underground by Robodop Snei

This album is going back to Robodop Snei’s original style - quirky electro songs with vocals, melodies and an upbeat vibe all the way through. The vision was to write these songs always using a rolling baseline, a vocal part with multiple voices & vocoders and a great melody hook line. All songs have been composed and produced between March and October 2020 amidst two Melbourne Lockdowns which impacted the making of this album greatly. I uploaded live performance videos of each of these songs on YouTube throughout the year as soon as they where ready to go. They are still there and reflect the great time I had with these songs.
I hope you do, too! - Danny

Released December 4, 2020

All Instruments, Vocals & Composition: Daniel Eschbach
Water Sample on Underground: Luna Eschbach
Produced at the Robodop Snei Pyramid throughout 2020 by Daniel Eschbach.
Cover Art: Daniel Eschbach
Lay Out: Kylie Crombie
Catalogue #: SLICE044

Domum Sinica by Acidalius

Slice presents Acidalius' new Ep Domum Sinica. A regular artist of Acid Slice nights in Melbourne and much like his live sets - this release brings a vibrant groove - laced with acid.

These recordings are from the last years' of the Pre-pandemic Period, during which Acidalius was constantly travelling between Australia and China with only his trusty Digitakt for company.
The tracks reflect on his experience of constant transition between the windy, pristine Victorian Southern Ocean coastlines (where Acidalius and Modal reside), the mega-city Shanghai (home of Prismatic Force/Shanghai Ultra), and rustic rural small towns of Jiangsu and Anhui Province.

"Looking forward to a time when we can all play, perform and party together again - Valens Acidalius, Anglesea, August 2020".
released September 3, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Acidalius.
Track 4 remixed by Shanghai Ultra.
Track 5 remixed by Modal.
Track 6 remixed by Prismatic Force.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Photography by nmlss.
Layout by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue #: SLICE042

Prelest by Clouds Above Chaos

Prelest is the archived output of an installation conceived for, and performed at 2018's Hillscene Live festival in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, accompanied by compositions from the artists as individuals which, through no direct involvement, communicate similar themes.

Part 1-2 [Side A] comprises the Prelest recordings, for which a strict set of conditions were established: all material should be generated in real-time; the visual element was to be constructed in direct response to the aural component; attention should be directed towards building hypnotic aural/visual stimulus emulating the mystical experience of visionary states.

Part 3-4 [Side B] is a collection of recordings made by Clouds Above Chaos in their respective studios for their own edification and the exploration of their own mental processes.

The artistic intent of the release is to bring into question the validity of using modern methods of signal generation to induce hypnotic and mystical states of consciousness, and whether exploiting the human brains' tendency towards pareidolia and responding to sensory overload by entering into trance is a useful spiritual tool, or if it only leads to a state of spiritual delusion- the definition of Prelest itself.

The listener is invited to temporarily suspend their state of external distraction and listen to the output of these experiments at a volume level just below discomfort, in a state of either visual overstimulation by way of computer-generated geometric visualisations, or having deprived their visual senses entirely by way of sitting in a completely dark room or otherwise diminishing the visual faculty for the duration of the performance.
As an extension of the exercise, utilising a method of focus on the breath is also recommended for the duration in order to further align the experient with the desired field of subjective inquiry.
released October 16, 2020

Chronophage by Various Artists

Slice is very proud to announce the 40th release by our label, a compilation we call “Chronophage”. Comprised of 20 pre-released tracks highlighting various eras of Slice and 20 more previously unreleased cuts from producers from Melbourne and Toronto! We’ve got 40 ways to close out the idiocratic hellscape that is 2020 with a diverse range of underground electronic music.

This year has been very difficult for everyone. In our circle and wider collective we have felt the lack of gigs, loss of jobs, financial stresses, and negative impacts the pandemic has had on mental and physical health. It has also been difficult for the music industry being relegated and delegitimised by governments and other so-called “authorities”.

This compilation is a celebration of art and artists everywhere; a tribute to what we bring to the world. The art and communities we create stand in stark contrast to the oppression and wilful destruction of the environment we face today.

Amidst the chaos, music has, and always will, help people get through the most arduous times.

Massive thanks to all the artists and our supporters over the years. Hope you enjoy the Chronophage.
released December 1, 2020

Tracks 1 - 20 previously released on Slice Records.
Tracks 21 - 40 Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Compiled by Coolaid Crowley.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Slice is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Label Group.

Maritimes by Lonely Faces

Slice is proud to present our 39th release - Lonely Face's new hardware driven techno EP "Maritimes".

"It’s a full moon, so fly the ensign! - make haste for the welcoming coast, and the friendly natives. The favouring winds will take us to places distant and familiar. Rum and silverside for all travellers."
released September 18, 2020

Written and Produced by Lonely Faces.
Recorded at a Lonely Place.
Mastered by Ear Mind Eye.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue # SLICE039

Qualia by Ear Mind Eye

From the envatted brain of producer Ear Mind Eye comes their Dark Tech EP entitled "Qualia". Transfiguring psychedelic, industrial and bush doof influences into their own style of textural and driving PsyTech.

Qualia is inspired by the concepts of simulated reality and time; the individual instances of subjective, conscious experience amongst the nature of our existence.
Take part in this sonic experience and how the perceived sensations are unique to you.Credits
released August 28, 2020

Slice Records is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Group.

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Us by Jimmi-Woods, Arcane Trickster

Jimmi-Woods and Arcane Trickster team up for an excursion into Psy Prog and Trance with "Us" - a diverse three-track tribute to human strength in times of adversity.
This EP muses on the cosmic thread that binds Us together, that we are not a product of, or defined by the system we have created. We are inner and outa-dimensional beings, energy existing both here and now and light years beyond the solar system.
The exclamation of "Us" echo’s in our minds and out into deep space...
released August 15, 2020

Produced & Engineered by Jimmi-Woods & Arcane Trickster.
Recorded @ Jimmi's Studio & Tempest Studios.
Mixed by Jimmi-Woods.
Track 1 & 3 Written by John Crombie / Damiano Verna / James Woodcock.
Track 2 Written by Damiano Verna / James Woodcock.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Schizoid.
Cover-art by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue # SLICE037.

Follow the artists here:
> Jimmi-Woods

> Arcane Trickster

Residue by Geist Contagion

Hatched in 2018, Geist Contagion is the latest solo project from Jonathan Haus of the Toronto-based glitch band The Databats.

Geist Contagion’s second EP “Residue” is an experimental electronic journey through spaces, outer and inner, inspired by concepts such as communications intelligence, government mind control, and the degradation of our physical environments. The EP’s frenetic beats and soaring synths create a hypnotic atmosphere of modern ambivalence, mirroring our own frenzied lives in late stage capitalism.

Constructed utilizing a myriad of analog, digital, modular and virtual synthesizers, “Residue” weaves in and out of genres and conventions to create a retro, yet modern textile of experimental electronic music.
released August 14, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Jonathan Haus.
Recorded at 974 Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2018-2020.
Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Haus.
Catalogue #: SLICE036

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Winter Silence by Tok'ra, Psychoacoustic Vision

From the archives of Staefn's favourite unique productions comes "Winter Silence"!
A 2-track concept release of Tok'ra / Psychoacoustic Vision's latest manifestation of wildly psychedelic and masterfully progressive techno, now available on Slice Records.

There’s something strange about the caustic breeze at the Swamp Carnival tonight. The smell of mould overshadows your thoughts as garlands of blinking lights float above and ahead of you. Regardless, you enter the swamp towards the sound of distant horns. The dense cold liquid supports your body as you progress deeper, confused by the mechanical sounds sporadically occurring without any discernible presence. Small vibrations in the swamp begin to generate waves, hitting you in the face and blocking your vision from noticing the giant machine breaching the swamps' surface.
Distressing sounds radiate from its presence, something doesn't sound right. Is it communicating? Is it conscious? What is causing these broken sounds? The premonition that something is not right grows stronger. You turn around but the swamp is too thick- you can’t move. The sounds get more chaotic as the machine gets closer; its' oscillatory messages are making less sense as your mind breaks down. Disorientated from the unceasing sounds you give in, sucked into the swamp, struggling to keep your head up to breathe as you are being slowly dragged under. Your eyes open momentarily to see the machine extend itself to encompass you, engulfing you and claiming you as its' own. Everything turns black and you feel warm.
Slowly, you descend into winter's silence.

Winter Silence’s dark textures evolve, layering slowly as drums pulse ominously in the background, becoming louder as sirens blare only to disappear into themselves as the acid undertones rise in its wake. Your thoughts burrow into tunnels as the pitter-patter of unseen footsteps are heard all around you. You pause to gain your thoughts, to find an exit. The siren returns once more, embittered, angry, betrayed. You leave the tunnel but the siren gets louder.Your only choice is to turn back and follow the trails the acid left behind. The siren is antagonised.
The tunnels contract and close on you; as if they are alive. Your fading consciousness realises with muted horror that they have been waiting for you, and in some manner have been willed into existence precisely in order to consume you.
Satiated, these sentient hallways of darkness expand once more, as the silence of winter descends once again upon the landscape.
released July 10, 2020

Written and Produced by Staefn Bayley.
Artwork by Staefn Bayley.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Catalogue #: SLICE035

Slice Records is an Underground Electronic Music Record Label based in Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada and is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Group.

Bloodlust by The Databats

"Bloodlust" is a 2 track single that was composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by The Databats on Drone Day 2020. Drone Day is an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds.

This release is a meditation on grief and loss, and is dedicated to The Databats' cat and co-conspirator Bloodlust, who lived with the band over 14 years.
released May 31, 2020

All tracks Written, Produced and Recorded by The Databats.
Mastered by Wrrrtika.
Cover Art by Wrrrtika.


We acknowledge that this work was created on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. 

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift

lice Records is proud to present our newest EBM Industrial release from Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift.
Naarm’s (Melbourne, Australia’s) Caustic Grip has been creating hard and dark rhythmically charged electro-industrial since early 2018 with a variety of releases produced since inception, showcasing the ever evolving sound of the project.

New EP TOXIC RIFT is a huge step in Caustic Grip’s aforementioned evolution!
A heady mixture of multiple Industrial genres, darkwave, electro pop, goth and electronic body music, the EP reaches dark new depths of sonic depravity, textural exploration and bleak lyrical imagery. A synth charged, boot stomping assault of harsh infectious rhythm, melodic hooks and baritone voice, TOXIC RIFT is here, drenched in sweat and wrapped in leather!

Featuring remixes from the beautifully dark stylings of Elenor Raynor of “Robots In Love” (Sobriquet, Keyboardist for Snog) and Experimental Industrial artist “ Fate Æffect”.

Available of Cassette Tape and digital here: