Tuesday 21 September 2021

My World Without You is - The Databats and Subterranea.

My World Without You is a collaborative EP composed by Toronto based artists The Databats and Subterranea.

This album explores the concept of a world suddenly without humans, and the effects this would have on animals and nature. Throughout each individual song and the album as a whole, we try to examine non-human perspectives on how life would change for those who remain.


released September 20, 2021

Writing, Recording, Production: The Databats & Subterranea.
Vocals, Cello, Additional Programming: Alia Synesthesia
Vocals, Vocoder, Composition: Rasiqra/Revulva.
Composition, Synthesizers, Guitar: Wrrrtika
Mastered by Alia Synesthesia
Artwork by Rasiqra/Revulva
Catalogue #: SLICE054