Thursday 16 November 2017

Geotech 7 & 8

'Geotech' events are for punters and artists alike that showcase quality original electronic music from local talent.
We focus on underground, original, lesser heard music by established and emerging artists. We keep lineups and production creative, maintain free entry, pay artists, are community oriented and have an all inclusive attitude. 
We want to grow and foster our local underground electronic music and art scene Northside though these events, as well as collaborating with other crews and artists. We aim (with your support) to continue these monthly nights (& more) well into the summer and beyond.

The next instalment of our monthly Underground Electronic Music events, ‘Geotech’, is at Bar 303 on Saturday the 18th of November. It will feature live and all-original music from Melbourne artists (plus one from interstate) on Bar 303’s newly updated sound system, alongside surreal and subversive visuals.
Come enjoy an evening in the comfortable surrounds of Bar 303 to experience great original electronic music and support local artists!
Cheers - Slice Crew

Upcoming Events:

Monday 25 September 2017

SIRC Interview

SIRC: a chat with Jimmi-Woods.

So how did SIRC begin?
Sirc ultimately began when I was messing around with a Korg M1 and Atari for sequencing with a good friend of mine Steve Bertschik in the early 90s. He went on to form Sonic Animation with some others and I needed to get my own gear. Decided on what I knew which was an M1 and an Atari. I then recorded some tapes and started experimenting but nothing serious.

What’s your personal journey in music production and performance? (Prior bands etc)
My journey into "serious" music was when I joined the band Angler who was at the time Marcus Bridges (guitar) and Neil Boyack (guitar) then Ben Bridges joined with drums. W started doing the live circuit around Melbourne and ended up recording 3 studio albums and two live albums. We managed to wrangler 4 star reviews in rolling stone magazine and other mags. Eventually the band started to fade between rehearsals but we still manage to record every now and then.

Tell us about the music influences that inspired you to produce? (Send me a link to a favourite track)
I think one of the biggest influences would have to be the Future Sound of London. Their album Lifeforms opened up my mind to what was possible in electronic music production.

What’s your favourite track from your EP? (And Why?)
Very hard to choose a favourite track from the EP. I think why your here stands out a bit more than the others because of the half time snare and double time hats. I enjoyed writing that one from a new perspective.


Can you reveal your most prized performance weapon and why?
The Elektron RYTM would have to be the best live performance tool I have ever used. Such great sequencing and sampler power in the studio with the added live performance scenes and modes. Such control and at the same time the ability to go crazy if you want.

When’s your Next Gig?
25th October at Tago Mago in Thornbury.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Geotech #6 - Underground Electronic Music

Slice Records presents: Geotech #6

Geotech is a monthly night at Bar 303 featuring Underground Electronic Music from local artists.

This installment showcases an ecletic mix of original and diverse styles not adhereing to any specific genre or scene!


Visuals by EAR MIND EYE

Tuesday 29 August 2017

SLICE013 - Fate Æffect’s Parabiosis

Parabiosis is a unique mix of occult industrial, cyber breaks, glitched idm and dark experimental electronic music, a glimpse at a futuristic dystopian world of cybernetic control and decaying reality. Parabiosis swells with a futuristic undertow, dishing out well-placed metallic lashings of cinematic synth sounds and heavily programmed, cut-up drumstorms that combine in fits of chaos and technical wizardry, unleashed in varying degrees of wrathe. The album is dark, conceptually cyber occult, and well-crafted, with Fate Æffect’s exceptional production abilities safely delivering us from start to finish.

An album that will put you out of your comfort zone, the rough futuristic soundscapes of Parabiosis seep in with blasts of complexity and overwhelming tenacity. Like a Siren on treacherous rocks, unceremoniously followed by the inevitably brutal impact, Parabiosis morphs, lures, persists, destroys and deliberates on a surreal, creeping paranoia.

Album download from Bandcamp:

Monday 21 August 2017

Geotech #5 - Tech/Prog/Acid

Slice Records presents: Geotech #5.
The next installment of Slice's Underground Electronic Music Nights 'Geotech' will feature a night of Tech / Prog / Acid. There will live acts, semi live acts, DJ's playing live and or semi live, possibly not alive...
These nights are about getting people together and for everyone to enjoy tunes from local, quality producers and DJ's in the comfy surrounds of Bar 303!


Phase 7
Psychoacoustic Vision/Tok'ra
Lonely Faces

Sunday 6 August 2017

Geotech #4 - Downtempo Chill Edition

Slice Records, Tempest Recordings & Cosmicleaf Records present: Geotech #4 - Chill Downtempo Edition.

Escape the droll and the cold and come chill with some fine downtempo, chill, psybient and psydub in the comfy warm surrounds of Bar 303, featuring very special guest and headlining act Kerensa Stephens - Aviatrix from New Zealand along with a great lineup of quality local producers and musicians.

Entry: FREE!
Date/Time: Saturday August 12th, 7pm - 1am.
Location: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote, VIC, AUS.

Kerensa Stephens - Aviatrix (NZ)
Arcane Trickster

VJ: Ear Mind Eye

Wednesday 26 July 2017

New 'Geotech' Compilation Release & Geotech #3 gig

Slice crew is proud to present our first Geotech compilation! This compilation release features artists who have played/or are going to play at the Geotech gigs. :)
What is 'Geotech'? It is a regular event exposing quality original underground electronic music and to celebrate our great electronic scene and community in Melbourne.

Our next gig is Geotech #3 at Bar 303, 303 High Street Thornbury. 7pm - 1am. Free entry!The night will feature underground electronic music from local artists and producers such as:

Point Zero Productions
Alpha Loopy
Squiddy Fiddler
Raped By Noise
Fate Æffect

Thanks to Bar 303, the Slice Crew, Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf, all the artists who have played and are going to play Geotech making the nights what they are, the VJ's, and very special thanks to the punters!

This compilation releases on all good digital outlets and stores on September 16, 2017 but you can listen to it right now on Bandcamp and download it for free!

Thursday 20 July 2017

Throwback Thursday with The Scullamooks...

The ScullaMooks are a Melbourne based two-piece band producing on-the-fly, brain-melting psychedelia.
Their music is unique, rich and eclectic. The ScullaMooks fuse a traditional sequenced/pre-determined style with the natural spontaneity and energy of live improvisation. This marriage lends to a life and energy rarely, if ever, found in Electronic Dance Music with a set BPM. All samples, effects and bass are triggered or faded in ʻreal time ʼ. The drums, kick and keyboard are played live. Nothing is quantized or beat corrected. Nothing is over-dubbed. And above all this, everything is improvised. This is how the ScullaMooks get their unique sound. Real life breathed into the coldness of the digital medium.

From Jack Pilven...
"Things get trippy on here – real trippy. Snippets of LSD-inspired meanderings preface heaving slabs of electronica that bubble beneath the surface before disappearing into the abyss again. Otherworldly beeps, blips, and bursts of noise rain down and sizzle over throbbing bass grooves. Each track is accompanied by its BPM, with most whizzing by around the 130 to 140 mark. It’s all a little disorientating – but that’s the desired effect. The ScullaMooks want to warp your perception of reality without the use of mind-altering substances. Instead, they rely on improvisation, experimentation and mixing ideas together like watercolour to create mind-fucking soundscapes, from the eerie interstellar haze of Earthrise to the bongo-happy Mook Runs The Mushroom Down. Proceedings have an organic feel too with each track slowly contorting into the next."

Album Download & Physical Copies:

Thursday 13 July 2017

The Databats featured on the Crystal Ballroom podcast

The Databats featured on the Crystal Ballroom podcast talking about their creative process, some things they have been working on and their ultimate dream gig before getting a tarot reading.

Their newest release, “Bodies” is the first off their upcoming EP “Of Water”.

Also, they’ll be kicking off a mini-tour at Stop Drop & Roll on September 2! Go see some art music!

* Bunz Podcast Network:…/2017/7/12/episode-13-the-databats
* iTunes:
* Google Music:


Wednesday 28 June 2017

Interview in Beat Magazine

Slice Records chat about their upcoming Geotech 2 party and the diversity of electronicFounders of Slice Records, Cristian Crowley, James Woodcock and Gareth Fox met through mutual friends and bonded over shared musical interests.

By Kate Streader

From there, “the triad of Slice”, as they now call themselves, decided to form the record label as a way to release their own music, which progressed into an avenue for showcasing other local acts.

“Really, it was a platform for us to play our own music. We were finding it difficult to get gigs with some of the bigger labels so we thought ‘If they can do it, why can’t we do it?’ ” says Woodcock. “We’ve been making music for ten years now, and over that time we’ve become friends with a lot of artists who have similar feeling in regards to that they want to play their music, we want to be able to play our music, and it was built from that.

“It was more of an excuse to give ourselves some gigs and at the same time, bring together all the things we appreciate in the electronic scene,” says Crowley. “Locally more so than anything,” Woodcock adds.

“A love of wanting to showcase our creativity and also arts. People who do graphic design and do really cool stuff also mingle with those guys. They show their artworks at the events.”

Slice Records focuses on underground electronic artists, with the label featuring an array of diverse acts across the multi-faceted genre. The label also shines a light on graphic designers and visual artists. Slice Records have now set their sights on creating events to combine these two elements and provide exposure for local talent.

“Being electronic producers ourselves, we tend to look for artists out there who are doing really interesting things and new stuff,” says Crowley. “We like building gigs around our tastes. We make a gig that we would like to go see.”

“One gig could be more techno-orientated and then the next gig we have under the same event heading might be a chill night, then we might go more industrial. There’s a lot of various styles that we like,” says Woodcock.

Slice Records will be hosting Geotech 2, an event that aims to showcase Melbourne electronica acts and visual artists. The Slice team hope to make the show a monthly event.

“With this next Geotech, we’re keeping it very eclectic [and] dance orientated. We’ve got a couple of acts who are doing a lot of live electronica, we’ve got producers and DJs who are playing their own material,” says Crowley. “As much as it’s a night that’s showcasing different artists around Melbourne, we also want to put on a good party for everybody to have fun.

“We’ve got Trickbox headlining, and Michael Scarlett from Culture Jam – he puts on all live orientated performances where he builds this set as he goes, it’s very improv and a hundred percent live, which is the type of electronica that we definitely love to showcase with these Geotech nights. It’s more focused on live performance electronic.”

“And there’s some DJs as well, like myself. I make my own music but just to say I’m more confident with DJing my own tracks than putting together a live set at this stage. We have a mash of that sort of thing,” says Woodcock. “And then we have a very live act called Sikander and they’re world music sort of stuff, they have wavedrums, a sitar and guitar, and saxophone.”

“Electronica is very diverse so we don’t like to just have a night that’s completely dedicated to one type of music, we definitely like to change it up. With Geotech 3, that’s going to be quite a darker night with a lot of industrial/break, so expect more experimental styles of electronica,” says Crowley. “We’ve got a really nice lineup for that, a lot of producers and artists on that list that I admire so I’m really looking forward to that one.

“And then we’ve got a chill party in August with Kerensa [Stephens], she’s coming up from New Zealand, so it’s going to be a more ambient, chill night from the doom and gloom that we’re going to experience with Geotech 2 – a nice little come down."

Catch Geotech 2 on Saturday July 1, Geotech 3 on Saturday July 29 and Geotech 4 on Saturday August 12, all at Bar 303.

Article here:

Friday 19 May 2017

Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2

Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2

Wimmy wham wham wozzle. It's time for another party. Geotech number # 2 is happining at Bar 303 with some wicked eclectic & original electronica from a massive lineup of local artists and producers from around Melbourne. There is going to be heaps of live electronica! Trickbox from (Culture Jam) with a bag full of cheeky tricks to get you moving, 3 piece 'Sikander' playing some Space Disco Psychedelica, LazyboyProactive with live drummer pumpin out future pop electric body music, the all analogue electro duo that is Disco Computer, Jimmi-Woods back and bangin out the tunes, Adsy mixing up a storm sure to make you boogey, Asymmetric showing us how it is done with A grade production, Arcane Trickster chillin the place out launching 'Far from Here", Stickleback that hep cat with the crisp beats launching his new album "Fireworks" and finally Sambot making the place shimmer with whacked out visuals.
Gonna be massive and wicked fun. Hope to see you there! ―Slurms MacKenzie.

Date: 1st of July, 2017.
Location: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote.
Time: 7pm - 1am
Door: $10
Full details and event:

TRICKBOX (Culture Jam)
SAMBOT (Tanglewood) - Visuals

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Slice presents: NEXUS (VI) - The Return TECH / PROG / PSY

Slice crew are back with The Return of "NEXUS"! Some of you might rememeber our nights we put on at My Aeon cuple of years back...and after a long hiatus we are back @ 24 Moons!

A night decidicated to the amazing underground/psychedelic scene/community of Melbourne with pure prog/psy/tech bliss! Featuring a fantastic selection of local producers, DJ's, VJ's and exhibits of local artists to ignite your senses in the marvellous WARM surrounds of 24 Moons! Escape the cold with us!


24 Moons Bar, 2 Arthurton Road, Northcote, Melbourne

Early Bird Tickets $6.00
Door: $10.00 or $15 With a CD

The ScullaMooks[Live Organic Psy]
Point Zero Productions {Psy]
Aerobotic [Prog]
Fate Æffect[Dark Psy, Weirdness]
Asymmetric [Psy Trance]

Ear Mind Eye

Point Zero Productions
Polix Renboshi
Ben Lopez Art

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Slice Records Radio Special # 3

Here the Infectious Unease Slice Records Radio Special # 3 for you to listen to! It features a great mix of dark techno, electro, dnb, industrial, psy and wicked electronica music from Slice artists presented by Cristian Crowley (Slice Records), Infectious Unease & LazyboyProactive. 

• 1 Parallel Earth by LazyboyProactive
• 2 HannahTron by Fate Aeffect
• 3 Poo Tee Weet by The Databats
• 4 Torontoto by Fate Aeffect
• 5 Techno Telefon by Aerobiotic
• 6 Bolgor by Fate Aeffect
• 7 Diverge by Iderdown
• 8 Eleno by Fate Aeffect
• 9 Nangs for Now by Clouds Above Chaos
• 10 A Forest by LazyboyProactive
• 11 Blinding Light Blues by The Scullamooks
• 12 Chiron by LazyboyProactive
• 13 Phylogenetics by The Databats
• 14 Crab Chin by Fate Aeffect
• 15 Holy Distortion by The Scullamooks
• 16 Church by Iderdown
• 17 Bangkok Brain Hovel by Fate Aeffect
• 18 Obsession (Instrumental) by LazyboyProactive
• 19 Cybernetic Tribe by LazyboyProactive
• 20 Olinda by Clouds Above Chaos

Friday 31 March 2017

Upcoming Events

Slice has so much coming up! So here is a little run down on all the Upcoming Events:

In Space, In Time & In Life
15 April–16 April · Grumpy's · Melbourne

Come down to Grumpy's Green for the release party of Lazyboyproactive's second album 'In Space, In Time And In Life' from Slice Records! The night will feature quality beats from Melbourne local and international producers and sensory bending visuals! From 8pm 'til lat. FREE ENTRY - PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Lazyboyproactive (Slice Records) [Live Electro, Techno]
The Databats - Toronto, Canada (Slice Records) [Live Lofi electronica, Inudstrial, Glitch]
Fate Æffect (Slice Records) [Techno, Electro]
INFECTIOUS UNEASE [Underground Beats]
Asymmetric [Techno, Prog]

Geotech - Underground Techno*
Sat 20:00 · Bar 303 · Northcote

Come on down to Bar 303 on Saturaday the 22nd of April for a great night of local TECHNO sure to get your groove on! DJ's and acts front and back room! Bring your friends, it's gonna be wicked :) Everybody welcome, All inclusive event!

Featuring >>
>> Phase 7 - [Techno]
>> Squiddy Fiddler - [Breakcore/Fun]
>> Lonely Faces - [Techno]
>> Adsy - [Techno]
>> Sikander - [ EDM/House music/Space Disco]
>> Fate Æffect - [Techno/Industrial]
>> Asymmetric [Techno]
<< Visuals by = Ear Mind Eye
>> Mr Bronson - [Spinning some Techno]
>> DJ Infectious Unease - [Lot's of stuff!]
>> Arcane Trickster - [Downtempo/Chill]

Slice presents: NEXUS - The Return
29 April–30 April · 24 Moons Bar · Northcote
Slice presents: NEXUS (VI) - The Return
>>>> TECH / PROG / PSY << <<
Slice crew are back with The Return of "NEXUS"!
A night decidicated to the amazing underground/psychedic scene/community of Melbourne with pure prog/psy/tech bliss! Featuring a fantastic selection of local producers, DJ's & VJ's to ignite your senses in the marvellous surrounds of 24 Moons!
The ScullaMooks
Point Zero Productions
Fate Æffect
VISUALS >> Ear Mind Eye

Wednesday 1 March 2017

'In Space, In Time And In Life' Launch Party


Come down to Grumpy's Green 125 Smith Street, Fitzroy for the release party of Lazyboyproactive's second album 'In Space, In Time And In Life' from Slice Records! The night will feature quality beats from Melbourne local and international producers and sensory bending visuals! From 8pm 'til late

Lazyboyproactive (Slice Records)
[Live Electro, Techno]

The Databats - Toronto, Canada (Slice Records)
[Live Lofi electronica, Industrial, Glitch]

Fate Æffect (Slice Records)
[Techno, Electro]

[Underground Beats]

[Techno, Prog]

Visuals by:
Ear Mind Eye

Lazyboyproactive is a live Electronica outlet for Melbourne singer, songwriter, and producer, Ank Juwaheer, AKA "Ankie."
Five years after the release of the Kaos Dream, LazyboyProactive has become a sensational live electronic music act, combining progressive, tech and pop sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and stunning visuals.
The albums features songs like Undermental, Runaway and Supersonic that have a pop rock twist and Electro house tracks like Glitched Monkey and Take this greed that will make the punters dance. It also features chilled out tracks like Parallel earth, Obsession and Future Species.

The Databats - (Toronto, Canada)
The Databats are an electronic hive collective of noises and thoughts, self-identifying at whatever the midpoint between "band" and "computer virus" is. Across the world & internet, we provide a score for our digital existence. Current server housed in Toronto. The Databats are a computer contaminant, electro-industrial glitch band and art collective consisting of @Wrrrtika And @RasiqraRevulva.

Fate Æffect
Behind the veil, amidst clouds and voodoo trinkets, is Fate Æffect (aka Cristian). Inspired by the occult insight, mental illness, visions of dystopia, and his wife Alison as his muse, this industrial and dark electronica project has been producing multi-faceted esoteric sounds since 2003. His work is a vessel for musical experimentation and inspiration unrestricted by genre, flirting with a range of electronic styles from industrial, dark techno, weird bedroom beats and electronica, breakcore to noise/ambient. Often tongue in cheek and an a reason for venting, & alleviating boredom, Fate Æffect’s live setup and production techniques change constantly and aims to create feelings in gyrations of sensory awareness.

BC: -

Melbourne stalwart producer Luke Horsfall. One half of Stepping Inwards; a collaboration in the summertime of 2014 between James Woodcock (Jimmi-Woods) and Luke Horsfall (Dr Squiggle) that has now ended with the two artists focusing on their solo acts.

Djing since 1989, has been hosting Infectious Unease Radio since 1992 and soon will being hosting a on line radio show on Planet Rave London. His DJing has ranged from specialist events starting at Asylum Nightclub, Blue Velvet (Aeon, Belfry, White Room, Revelations, and Enzyme nights), Pony (Dark Fall Ball), Dream (Demus night), Vedette, Cas Reitops (Dirty Secrets), Horse Bazaar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night), Abode (Neo Etica) (Subterranean Zone), Mr Boogie Man Bar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night), Bodega Bar (Subterranean Zone) The Sub Club (Subterranean Zone), Grumpys (Subterranean Zone), Randy Dragon (After Hours) Bar 303 (After Hours) Interzona (Beach on Brunswick). A member of the band Noir Corps. 2010 Released an eclectic and limited edition 4 disc 62 band compilation with his label Infectious Unease Productions and Dawn Industries. Formally a member Dawn Industries Music Collective, the label Dawn Industries, Enzyme (live music events). 2015 One of the founding Events Organiser of “Subterranean Zone” and “After Hours” and “Interzona”.. A self-published performance writer, who has released such books as 2011“Severed Eye”, 2005 “The Poet's Eye”, 2003 “The Deception Of Latex That Causes The Deepest Remark”, 1997 “The Cadaver Restaurant- A Menu Of Short Stories And Poems”, Works On Cd 2010 “ Noir Corps “le terreur”, 2003 “Reflective Return Spoken Word By Gordon Taylor Music By Ernie O”. Had made a guest appearance in the “Hellfire Nightclub Melbourne” documentary produced by Mark Bakaitis in 2010 discussing the music played over the years at this event. 2016 perform as Raven Corps Guard in the Film “Cult Girls" directed by Mark Bakaitis. DJ Infectious Unease loves to explore a plethora of sound and explode it out on the air waves and night clubs. He has no fear of delivering a sound of surprise. You just never know what he will seduce, tantalise and drive all your five senses with.

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Slice Records Infectious Unease Radio Special

Slice Records is doing a special on Infectious Unease Radio tonight. Streaming at or tune into 96.5FM from 11pm 21/02/2017.
We are promoting our next event and album launch of Lonely Faces 'Silver Moon'.
Find all the details here at the Facebook Event:

Infectious Unease Radio 11pm–1am Tuesdays 21/02/2017
96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia
Infectious Unease Radio
Just By Clicking On These Links Below At This Time Tuesday Nights.11pm To 1am Eastern Standard day ligh saving time
(23:00 Hours To 01:00 Hours )

Here is our previous Slice Records Special podcast below:

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Silver Moon Party @ Tago Mago

Slice and Tempest are very proud to announce that we are having a party at Tago Mago Club on Friday 24th of February for the launch of Lonely Faces's new album Silver moon.
The night will be full of electro, techno and acid featuring Lazyboyproactive, Arcane Trickster, Fate Æffect and Asymmetric :) Lock it in!

"Silver Moon" is the debut album from Lonely Faces, the alter ego of Melbourne based producer Michael Baum. "Silver Moon" spans a variety of influences. Diverse in stylistic breadth, the album was created as an aural experiment on classic analogue synthesizers, heavily influenced by classic techno and electro sounds.

Facebook Event:

Friday 13 January 2017

LazyboyProactive - 'In Space, In Time And In Life' [SLICE008]

Slice Records is very proud to announce its 8th release with an an epic conceptual album from Lazyboyproactive called 'In Space, In Time And In Life'.

Lazyboyproactive is a live Electronica outlet for Melbourne singer, songwriter, and producer, Ank Juwaheer, AKA "Ankie."

Five years after the release of the Kaos Dream, LazyboyProactive has become a sensational live electronic music act, combining progressive, tech and pop sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and stunning visuals.

This album transports the listener into a sonic journey from start to finish. Composed like a symphony, in a 1-3-5 minor progression, all the tracks are linked through the chord progressions. With complex melodies and time signatures this musical masterpiece will impress the modern listener in this day and age. The album although very contemporary and innovative in its sound production is also kind of an old school seventies concept.

The albums features songs like Undermental, Runaway and Supersonic that have a pop rock twist and Electro house tracks like Glitched Monkey and Take this greed that will make the punters dance. It also features chilled out tracks like Parallel earth, Obsession and Future Species.

The eclectic combination of genres and styles makes the album take the listener through a journey In Space, In time and In life.

Download from Bandcamp:…/in-space-in-time-and-in…

Saturday 7 January 2017

DJ from Fate Æffect at Tanglewood Festival 2016 and teaser of new release from LazyboyProactive!

What a crazy festive season is was! Here is the Adult Techno Set from the daytime on the 31st of December at Tanglewood Festival NYE 2016 on the GeoJungle stage. A fantastic festival that is setting the standard for boutique festivals in Victoria. Had such a great time! So proud of the festival and the effort of Leigh, Steph and all involved!

Find the set below...

Slice is very proud to announce our 8th release - Lazyboyproactive's "In Space, in Time and in Life". This Space Rock Electro album transports the listener into a sonic journey from start to finish and will be released on Friday the 13th, January 2017! So stay tuned! Here is a little teaser of the artwork from Clint Grierson aka Point Zero Productions.