Friday 21 June 2024

Runaway by LazyboyProactive

Runaway combines electro pop rock sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and is now being released as a single, post its debut from LazyboyProactive's opus album "In Space, In Time and In Life'. This release features remixes from Arcane Trickster, Ming One, Robodop Snei, Fate Æffect and Sister Thing. 


releases June 21, 2024

Written and produced by LazyboyProactive.
Track 2 remixed by Robodop Snei.
Track 3 remixed by Arcane Trickster.
Track 4 remixed by Ming One.
Track 5 remixed by Sisterthing.
Track 6 remixed by Fate Æffect.
Photography by MEUM MARE.
Mastered by Simon Pol. 

Monday 10 June 2024

Fixation by Arcane Trickster, Ear Mind Eye

Fixation by Arcane Trickster, Ear Mind Eye

Dubby techno.

Released May 14, 2024

Written by John Crombie/ Christopher Innes / CCrowley/ Damiano Verna.
Produced by Arcane Trickster & Ear Mind Eye.
Mixed & engineered by Arcane Trickster @ Tempest Studios
Mastered by Ear Mind Eye.
Photography by Zina Zabudkina.
Published by Sony/ATV.

Herodotus by Arcane Trickster

Herodotus - Techno EP from Arcane Trickster.
Featuring remixes from Marcus Newman, Ollie Lee, The Good Shadow aka Ryan Spinoglio.
released May 1, 2024

Produced, Mixed by Arcane Trickster @ Tempest Studios.
Sleeve by EME.
Track 4 remixed by The Good Shadow aka Ryan Spinoglio.
Track 5 remixed by Ollie Lee.
Mastered by Allan Klinball @ STEAM Mastering.