Tuesday 12 December 2023

Instant Slack by Ear Mind Eye

Come get some !NSTANT SLACK! - A bright psychedelic EP from EME, full of reverb and breaks to lose yourself in sonics and the groove, inspired by OId School Rave, IDM and Acid.

Ear Mind Eye (aka Coolaid Crowley) is creating their own style of electronic psychedelic music. Hellbent on generating gyrations, sonic excitation and sensory awareness. Redefining their own idea of "rave" through a melding menagerie of psy, acid, underground techno to be consumed under the stars and out in the sun.

Coolaid Crowley produces under Fate Æffect for ambient, industrial, experimental electronic music project as a vessel for experimentation & creativity without restriction, producing electronica that is as multi-faceted as it is esoteric. Crowley also runs the underground electronic record label - Slice Records and is part of industrial/experimental band Clouds Above Chaos with fellow producer Gareth Fox (Tøn).

Check out the blog review of the track "Onism" from Palms Out Records here : https://www.palmsout.net/2023/mailbox-ear-mind-eye-onism/