Saturday 7 December 2019

Robodop Snei now out on Bandcamp

Slice presents: our 27th release Robodop Snei - Wide Zones 

Robodop Snei - Wide Zones
Sunny days long gone by were captured here and resonate throughout these songs, bringing back the glory of those magical golden sunlit afternoons and summer nights with fireflies, crickets and a beaming moon in the sky. Memories in music, for any other day, to find a peaceful mind - this music will take you there. - Danny.

Robodop Snei is psychedelic electronic music created with multiple analog synthesizers, vsts and other hardware - It's spaced out psychedelic synth pop!

Formed by Daniel Eschbach in the late 90's in Germany, Robodop Snei has been part of the Melbourne electronic underground music scene since 2005. Danny and ​Robodop

Snei have now become a fixture of Australia’s chill spaces with regular appearances at Maitreya and Rainbow Serpent Festivals as well as uncountable club gigs, warehouse and outdoor parties over the years. ​Robodop Snei will be playing at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2020.

Releases: 7 December, 2019 on Bandcamp.
General digital release: 18 January 2020 on all popular streaming sites and retail stores.

All songs written & produced by Daniel Eschbach.
Voice on Strange Offgoings & Keyboard on Sommerling: Luna Shiva. Mastered by Daniel Eschbach at the Robodop Snei Pyramid. Recorded between 2018-2019.
Artwork by Kylie Crombie..
Catalogue #: SLICE027

Sunday 10 November 2019

Acid Slice - "Welcome to Acid City”

"Welcome to Acid City” is the second acid compilation from Acid Slice (Melbourne's only acid dedicated club night) and Slice Records. We salute all the live acts and DJs that have played at Acid Slice in 2019 with this fresh compilation.

"Welcome to Acid City" encapsulates all styles of acid, with tracks from Honeysmack, Mike Callander, JXTP, Jani Ho, Dylab, Λ / Π, BLK KVR, Sirc, Acidalius, Tangent, Louay, Tok’ra, Modal, Arcane Trickster, Lonely Faces and Ear Mind Eye.

This compilation much like the Acid Slice events truly is a celebration of all things acid. 

Releases worldwide November 22, 2019.

Compiled by dyLab and Ear Mind Eye.
Cover art by Tristan Narbrough.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid. Contact at
Catalogue #: SLICE026

Sunday 1 September 2019

Studio Schizoid Neo-Luddite Samples I - Yamaha EM-90

One of Slice's founding members: Gareth Fox of Studio Schizoid has offered up a great Yamaha EM-90 Sample Pack that you can download for Free!

"Created in protest, the Neo-Luddite sample series is an exercise in preserving the heritage of electronic music whilst presenting it in a format which allows for full utilisation in a modern studio environment. 

There's a reason that many electronic artists have retained a fascination with old analog gear: For all the progress we have made, there is something intangibly beneficial in working with the seething, transistorised sound of old drum machines. 

Many dollars have been spent on recreating the unpredictable output of these devices, and many musicians (including myself,) have spend exorbitant amounts of money on simulations of technology which by all rights, with a bit of patience and care, can be rescued from the scrap heap and pushed into service by those with the time and inclination. 

Their reward is an intangibly superior sonic pallette to work with- deeper, less harsh and somewhat organic rhythmic elements which augment and enhance the digital aspect of their productions. 

Included in this pack are 1460 one-shot samples of the drum machine section of the EM-90, seperated into three sections- 50% volume, 70% and running at full tilt. As you'll hear, the increases in volume result in a fierce yet contained distortion which, when combined with further dynamics processing, yields everything from tight, bouncy house kits to sub-killing techno, and beyond into the wonderful world of hardcore, speedcore and breakcore. 

Vast amounts of samples of the individual hits are provided here, with the intent of providing those with a predisposition towards complex multi-sampling methods a fully-featured set of transistor drums to be loaded into their sampler of choice- eg, take 20 of the hi-hat hits, which initially sound identical, assign them to a single key and instruct your sampler/software to pick a random hit each time the key is triggered. 

In that way, the very subtle differences between each burst of noise can be brought into your tracks and mitigate the need to spend uncomfortably large amounts of money on 'VA' VST instruments-- which do exactly that and not much else.

Sampled and compiled by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid, Victoria, Australia
Feedback most welcomed, and please share what you've done with these samples- I'd love to hear it!"
*Contact details in sample pack.

Friday 30 August 2019

Acid Slice - Monsters of Acid


Acid Slice 10 @ Boney
Saturday 7th September 
From 11pm - 5am 




Music by SIRC.
Visuals by Ear Mind Eye.
Music by Dep Effect.
Visuals by Ear Mind Eye.

Monday 24 June 2019

Pre Release of Rogue Transmissions

Pre Release of Rogue Transmissions is now available on Bandcamp at a discounted price: 

Rogue Transmissions is an Underground Electronic Music Mix Compilation showcasing artists from Naarm/Melbourne, Australia, and Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada. Rogue Transmissions showcases the amazing perspectives, strengths and darker styles of electronic music each city has to offer and the sounds radiating out from both sides of the globe, in a unique gapless production over 26 tracks!

The sonic diversity herein and conceptual stance taken by this compilation convey Resistance. Resistance against homogeneity, menticide and cognitive dissonance in the face of a dire geopolitical climate and an era of stage capitalism. Resistance in the form of a compilation conceived to help deprogram our pavlovian conditioning with original, creative music, art and seditious intention from the bombardment of commercial generica.

Listen to Iderdown's track "On and On" and LazyboyProactive's track "Rogue" before the full release!

Saturday 4 May 2019

Acid Slice - 303% Acid Music

Acid Slice is a celebration of everything Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Braindance, IDM, electro, footwork and every other genre that embraces the fabulous silver box, the Roland TB303.

This compilation embodies the acid vitality of the Acid Slice events with tracks from live acts and DJs that have supported the event over the past year or more. Featuring tracks from Melbourne’s Acid legend Honeysmack, the heavy weight of Dep Affect, the sonic stylings of dyLAB, the twisting acid lines of SIRC, and the machine heaviness of Machinist to name but a few. Other artists featured on this compilation are Tangent, Lonely Faces, Arcane Trickster, Acidalius and Servalan.

Launch party tonight at Acid Slice - "May the fourth be with you"@ Boney 04/05/19, 11pm - Late. For $10 entry list sign up here:

This is Acid Slice, 303% Acid Music!

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Acid Slice - "May the fourth be with you" + Compilation launch

Acid Slice - "May the fourth be with you"@ Boney 04/05/19, 11pm - Late
For $10 entry list sign up here:

We will  be launching our first Acid Slice compilation with Acidchicken Records on the night with some physical available at the event and online on ur Bandcamp Store. Indeed, a large bucket of acid with a splash of Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you. Always.

We welcome to Acid Slice, Composite Cone. With releases on Machine Label , he makes his live debut at Acid Slice. Composite Cone bleeds through days in hibernation into the bliss of night where his machines abide him, offering up their algorithms like secrets from the vault of time. We are eagerly anticipating hearing what he and is machines unleash.

BLK KVR will be bringing his trademark sound and style, driving rhythms, pulsating leads and spacey ambience. An intricate balance of wildness and restraint, as he takes Acid Slice through the sonic universe.

Dylab with releases on Slice Records, Jack Trax, New York Haunted , DETROIT UNDERGROUND and many others will be taking breaks, rave and a whole bunch of machines through an Acid orbit. That ain't no moon.

Jess Sneddon is a full time designer, part time DJ who grew up on a steady diet of 80s synth pop and punk. Coming from a DIY background, she blends genres from experimental to cosmic chug and hard-edged body music. We are excited to hear her slice of acid.

MODAL is the techno delivery system of Skwid. A lifetime of dedicated experience, endlessly exploring organic synthesised sounds, working harmoniously with a naturally electric stage presence, we are excited to explore the diverse soundscapes and full power bass energies of MODAL.

C:1 our Acid Slice resident is back to delivery the good stuff. Force level : Skywalker.

A feast of eye candy on the night will be delivered by the extremely talented Brkn fixie

Composite Cone

Jess Sneddon

Brkn fixie

Presented by:
Slice Recordss

Flyer Illustration by Tristan Narbrough

Acid Slice would like to acknowledge that this event is being held on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of Kulin nation, we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.
Sovereignty was never ceded.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Lazyboyproactive live in Melbourne | The Databats & Iderdown live in Toronto

If you didn't catch there amazing dark electro live set at the last Interzona, Slice artist Lazyboyproactive will be playing a live tomorrow night alongside a stellar lineup for Interzona #4 at good old Bar 303 in Northcote! Only $5 bucks entry. Check out the event for full details!

Join us at Handlebar in Kensington Market for an evening of experimental electronic music featuring:
The Databats - A Computer contaminant posing as a band. Glitched-out industrial with a splash of electro-pop. (

Iderdown -Creator of ambient, experimental, and electronic sounds, shapes and sizes (

Subterranea - Music from under the ground: haunting, possessing, earthly, with the sound that has a body and a voice of its own. (

Miserable Weekend - Black-Hearted Dance-Pop from the depths of the Toronto mirror-box. (

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Acid Slice Party on 303 Day!

After warming things up for Bloody Mary, Acid Slice is back.
It’s the night before 3/03 day and we are ushering it in with
some of Melbourne’s finest acid.

@ Boney
02/03/19 11PM - 5AM
Get on the $10 list -


- The one and only, Honeysmack will be bringing his strictly bangers policy and delivering slamming acid live and direct from his machines.

-The duo Sanefactor will be bending space, time and genre to push the boundaries of acid, with their hybrid live setup.

- DyLAB has started 2019 with a series of releases, including EP’s on acid pioneers DJ Pierre’s Jack Trax label & Freddy Fresh’s Analog Records This live set will be a diverse slice of Acid from house to rave and everything in between.

- Acid Slice will welcome back their resident acid queen, C1 with her fine selection of acid vinyl.

Emily Roseman
- We also welcome Emily Roseman, and look forward to hearing her selection of acid cuts.

James Steer
- After doing a great job of slicing between live acts at the last Acid Slice we only felt it fair to give James Steer a chance to give his acid a proper rinse out. Expect the whole acid house.

Eye Candy for the night will be distributed by Brkn fixie

Prepare to Jack.

Presented by
Slice Records