Saturday 7 December 2019

Robodop Snei now out on Bandcamp

Slice presents: our 27th release Robodop Snei - Wide Zones 

Robodop Snei - Wide Zones
Sunny days long gone by were captured here and resonate throughout these songs, bringing back the glory of those magical golden sunlit afternoons and summer nights with fireflies, crickets and a beaming moon in the sky. Memories in music, for any other day, to find a peaceful mind - this music will take you there. - Danny.

Robodop Snei is psychedelic electronic music created with multiple analog synthesizers, vsts and other hardware - It's spaced out psychedelic synth pop!

Formed by Daniel Eschbach in the late 90's in Germany, Robodop Snei has been part of the Melbourne electronic underground music scene since 2005. Danny and ​Robodop

Snei have now become a fixture of Australia’s chill spaces with regular appearances at Maitreya and Rainbow Serpent Festivals as well as uncountable club gigs, warehouse and outdoor parties over the years. ​Robodop Snei will be playing at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2020.

Releases: 7 December, 2019 on Bandcamp.
General digital release: 18 January 2020 on all popular streaming sites and retail stores.

All songs written & produced by Daniel Eschbach.
Voice on Strange Offgoings & Keyboard on Sommerling: Luna Shiva. Mastered by Daniel Eschbach at the Robodop Snei Pyramid. Recorded between 2018-2019.
Artwork by Kylie Crombie..
Catalogue #: SLICE027