Tuesday 26 May 2020

Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift

lice Records is proud to present our newest EBM Industrial release from Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift.
Naarm’s (Melbourne, Australia’s) Caustic Grip has been creating hard and dark rhythmically charged electro-industrial since early 2018 with a variety of releases produced since inception, showcasing the ever evolving sound of the project.

New EP TOXIC RIFT is a huge step in Caustic Grip’s aforementioned evolution!
A heady mixture of multiple Industrial genres, darkwave, electro pop, goth and electronic body music, the EP reaches dark new depths of sonic depravity, textural exploration and bleak lyrical imagery. A synth charged, boot stomping assault of harsh infectious rhythm, melodic hooks and baritone voice, TOXIC RIFT is here, drenched in sweat and wrapped in leather!

Featuring remixes from the beautifully dark stylings of Elenor Raynor of “Robots In Love” (Sobriquet, Keyboardist for Snog) and Experimental Industrial artist “ Fate Æffect”.

Available of Cassette Tape and digital here:

Wednesday 29 April 2020

New releases: Project Sign/Grudge & Catacombs

Our latest release is "Project Sign / Grudge", a 2 track single of spacey electro tracks, inspired in part by otherworldly transmissions from Arcane Trickster.


Slice artists Fate Aeffect and Arcane Trickster also have a new collaborative release out on Tempest Recordings, entitled Catacombs.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Son of Zev - Into the Wilderness EP

"Into the Wilderness" is Son of Zev’s second EP since moving out of the inner urban areas of Melbourne to the forested foothills of the Dandenong ranges.
This EP is a melding of Son of Zev’s industrial techno sounds with the space and elements experienced living in the mountains.
Blending acid, techno and industrial influences with his history in ethnomusicology and jazz, this EP stretches the Son of Zev into a deeper introspective zone, while maintaining a dance floor aesthetic.

Also featuring remixes from Ear Mind Eye and Sikander.

Ear Mind Eye - Sigh EP

"Sigh" is the first EP from Ear Mind Eye of original psychedelic music produced between 2015-2018. Writing & production of these beats draws inspiration from the Australian Doof scene and often took place in the the aftermath of parties in an effort to transmute the experience.

Ear Mind Eye is the conception of Canberra based producer and artist Cristian Crowley: An audio visual alchemist chasing frequencies and UFOs with a head full of the occult. Creating his own style of psychedelic music for the mushroom to be consumed under the stars and out in the sun. Hellbent on generating gyrations, sonic excitation and sensory awareness by redefining his own idea of "rave". The dosage is offered up through a melding menagerie of underground techno, progressive, uniquely tripped psy, infectious beats & charged breaks.

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Donations to Wires

Robodop Snei, Jimmi-Woods and Slice Records have donated donating money made from the sales of "Wides Zones" and "Biolume" to WIRES Wildlife Rescue!
This money will go towards helping animals affected by the Catastrophic fires and record high temperatures that have taken such a tragic toll on native wildlife.
www.wires.org.au 🐨

Download Robodop Snei's Downtempo/Psybient/Chill album "Wides Zone" here:
Check out "Biolume", Jimmi's progressive techno EP on our Bandcamp here:

Saturday 4 January 2020

Jimmi-Woods - Biolume EP

Slice is very proud to announce our 28th release: Jimmi-Woods - Biolume.

Jimmi Woods' latest release progressive techno EP “Biolume” displays a deep, bright and chunky sound with an all encompassing psychedelic feel. Progressive in nature and expanding on influences from 90's house, through to modern techno, dub, minimal tech and psychedelic trance, Jimmi's work offers up a synthesis of genres which is intended equally to facilitate an oceanic feeling and to promote contemplation. Featuring two incredibly deft remixes from fellow Melbourne Producers “​Ear Mind Eye​” and “​Tok'ra​”, adds to this EPs unique and original flow - Biolume has it all.

All profits made from the sales of this EP will go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue that will go towards the Catastrophic fires, the worst drought in history and record high temperatures are taking a tragic toll on native wildlife. ​

From the producer:
"Biolume is a concept release addressing the reality of ecological collapse and challenging the listener to consider the validity of the sociopolitical constraints placed upon us.

In the last 5 years I’ve had to learn to do things differently. The toughest place I have been is being undecided as to who I am and what I want to be. I’ve had to learn what I am and what I am not. After everything had fallen away it gives me great pleasure that creating progressive landscapes in electronic music has stuck around and I love it even more than before.

I’d rather be in the flow of creation than in the turbulence of Indecisiveness. Now there is much more of a purpose in my creations; the production style and narrative created have much more of a positive environmental theme, advocating for active change and a push against the archaic political status quo.

Part of my metamorphosis has been to have the courage to step foot out across the canyon on to an unclear path. It has been necessary to stay as much as possible in the present moment and create not only my vision for my music but also create a new vision for myself. What is important right now is to promote positive change and I hope you will feel this comes across in my music.

If you like what you hear and would like to keep in touch with what I’m creating hit the like on my ​Jimmi-Woods page​! I’d love to hear what you think of my new direction in music.” ​-Jimmi Woods