Tuesday 26 May 2020

Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift

lice Records is proud to present our newest EBM Industrial release from Caustic Grip - Toxic Rift.
Naarm’s (Melbourne, Australia’s) Caustic Grip has been creating hard and dark rhythmically charged electro-industrial since early 2018 with a variety of releases produced since inception, showcasing the ever evolving sound of the project.

New EP TOXIC RIFT is a huge step in Caustic Grip’s aforementioned evolution!
A heady mixture of multiple Industrial genres, darkwave, electro pop, goth and electronic body music, the EP reaches dark new depths of sonic depravity, textural exploration and bleak lyrical imagery. A synth charged, boot stomping assault of harsh infectious rhythm, melodic hooks and baritone voice, TOXIC RIFT is here, drenched in sweat and wrapped in leather!

Featuring remixes from the beautifully dark stylings of Elenor Raynor of “Robots In Love” (Sobriquet, Keyboardist for Snog) and Experimental Industrial artist “ Fate Æffect”.

Available of Cassette Tape and digital here: