Thursday 21 April 2016

Limited edition physical copies of iderdown - astable thought now available at the store!

Limited Edition physical copies of Iderdown's "astable thought" on audio cd in jewel cases now available from the Slice Records store! We did these copies all in house and there is only 10 of them floating around!

Drop by and have a listen to this great sonic landscape of this ambient / experimental album. One you can kick back to and listen to all the way through - just like in the old days!

Get copies from bandcamp here:

Tuesday 12 April 2016

iderdown - astable thought

Slice is very proud to announce Iderdown's ambient / experimental / idm album "astable thought" is now available for download on Bandcamp!

"Wading on the edge of slow erosion, the music (composed of textured synths, pierced beats, effected guitar and blatant melodies) pushes towards an immersive sonic landscape."

Check out the link and have a listen to this great album!

There are also 10 limited editions jewel case physicals in the making now too! Will be bringing more news on up until the "official" release of astable thought on the 29th of April!