Sunday 31 July 2022

Dylab - Atoms for Peace

With Atoms for Peace, dyLAB smashes together percussive particles into 5 tracks of high intensity techno embodied with acid. “Energetic Earth” is an overdriven 13 minute percussive odyssey. “Building Material” takes a sharp turn into serious house vibes. Undersea Frontiers turns the acid up to 11 with screaming 303 lines orbiting driving techno rhythms. ”Electronic Intelligence” sparse blasts of noise and bleeps attract and repel, fusion and fission imperfectly balanced. “Triga” slams metallic industrial snares over the buzz of atomic electricity. The EP closes with Ear Mind Eye’s Akula remix of “Undersea Frontiers” taking the 303’s acid line into trance territory concluding in a catastrophic meltdown. 

Produced and recorded by Dylab.
Mastered by Allan Klinbail @ S.T.E.A.M.
Track 6 remixed by Ear Mind Eye.
Cover by Ear Mind Eye. Inspired by Erik Nitsche.
Catalogue #SLICE058