Friday 13 January 2017

LazyboyProactive - 'In Space, In Time And In Life' [SLICE008]

Slice Records is very proud to announce its 8th release with an an epic conceptual album from Lazyboyproactive called 'In Space, In Time And In Life'.

Lazyboyproactive is a live Electronica outlet for Melbourne singer, songwriter, and producer, Ank Juwaheer, AKA "Ankie."

Five years after the release of the Kaos Dream, LazyboyProactive has become a sensational live electronic music act, combining progressive, tech and pop sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and stunning visuals.

This album transports the listener into a sonic journey from start to finish. Composed like a symphony, in a 1-3-5 minor progression, all the tracks are linked through the chord progressions. With complex melodies and time signatures this musical masterpiece will impress the modern listener in this day and age. The album although very contemporary and innovative in its sound production is also kind of an old school seventies concept.

The albums features songs like Undermental, Runaway and Supersonic that have a pop rock twist and Electro house tracks like Glitched Monkey and Take this greed that will make the punters dance. It also features chilled out tracks like Parallel earth, Obsession and Future Species.

The eclectic combination of genres and styles makes the album take the listener through a journey In Space, In time and In life.

Download from Bandcamp:…/in-space-in-time-and-in…

Saturday 7 January 2017

DJ from Fate Æffect at Tanglewood Festival 2016 and teaser of new release from LazyboyProactive!

What a crazy festive season is was! Here is the Adult Techno Set from the daytime on the 31st of December at Tanglewood Festival NYE 2016 on the GeoJungle stage. A fantastic festival that is setting the standard for boutique festivals in Victoria. Had such a great time! So proud of the festival and the effort of Leigh, Steph and all involved!

Find the set below...

Slice is very proud to announce our 8th release - Lazyboyproactive's "In Space, in Time and in Life". This Space Rock Electro album transports the listener into a sonic journey from start to finish and will be released on Friday the 13th, January 2017! So stay tuned! Here is a little teaser of the artwork from Clint Grierson aka Point Zero Productions.