Saturday 30 May 2015

SLICE RECS 003 - Transmuted Volume 1

Transmuted Volume #1 is the first in Slice Records' remix series, and focuses on the work of Fate Æffect and his uptempo alter ego, Ear Mind Eye. Featuring remixes from the crème of Australia's underground electronic scene including Tempest Recordings artists Stickleback, Arcane Trickster & LazyboyProactive, Solid Light and Mr Bronson from Bad Party Records, Noistruct & Notex from 8-Bit Records, Dada Davros, alongside Slice's very own Broken Window.
Original tracks remixed on this compilation are from Fate Æffect's album "Replicated Dreams" out on Tempest Recordings, the soon to be released album "Pyrrhic", and from Fate Æffect's side project "Ear Mind Eye". This is the first in a series of remix compilations to be featured on Slice Records.