Saturday 4 April 2020

Ear Mind Eye - Sigh EP

"Sigh" is the first EP from Ear Mind Eye of original psychedelic music produced between 2015-2018. Writing & production of these beats draws inspiration from the Australian Doof scene and often took place in the the aftermath of parties in an effort to transmute the experience.

Ear Mind Eye is the conception of Canberra based producer and artist Cristian Crowley: An audio visual alchemist chasing frequencies and UFOs with a head full of the occult. Creating his own style of psychedelic music for the mushroom to be consumed under the stars and out in the sun. Hellbent on generating gyrations, sonic excitation and sensory awareness by redefining his own idea of "rave". The dosage is offered up through a melding menagerie of underground techno, progressive, uniquely tripped psy, infectious beats & charged breaks.