Thursday 25 August 2022

Spliced (vol 1)

Spliced (vol 1) - An eclectic mix of genres and styles from artists out of Melbourne and Toronto.

Slice happened by accident. In 2008, three starry-eyed musicians came together and dreamed up the idea of doing events having a focus on emerging artists and the the tagline: 'Live 'n Local Electronica’. With the support of artists, venue owners and label managers, Slice set about organising and promoting club events with a rotating roster of talented individuals writing music on the fringe of the Australian psychedelic, breakcore and industrial scenes.

After an intense push from Damiano of Tempest Recordings, Slice Records was launched in 2011. A fæteful trip to Canada saw Slice expand our dedicated crew of international fans and collaborators, eventually resulting in musical relationships built across the world.

In recognition of this, and all the parts and people in between, we've named our latest compilation 'Spliced-' a celebration of different influences, styles, original artists and the friendships we've made through the years.

Splice: To interweave; the process of joining or a joint made by weaving or connecting the ends together.

In every sense of the word, this is a splendid joint we've rolled together, and we invite you to take a seat, kick back and join us in listening to some fine underground electronic music of 2022.

With love,
-Slice Crew