Friday 27 August 2021

Downtown Underground by Robodop Snei

This album is going back to Robodop Snei’s original style - quirky electro songs with vocals, melodies and an upbeat vibe all the way through. The vision was to write these songs always using a rolling baseline, a vocal part with multiple voices & vocoders and a great melody hook line. All songs have been composed and produced between March and October 2020 amidst two Melbourne Lockdowns which impacted the making of this album greatly. I uploaded live performance videos of each of these songs on YouTube throughout the year as soon as they where ready to go. They are still there and reflect the great time I had with these songs.
I hope you do, too! - Danny

Released December 4, 2020

All Instruments, Vocals & Composition: Daniel Eschbach
Water Sample on Underground: Luna Eschbach
Produced at the Robodop Snei Pyramid throughout 2020 by Daniel Eschbach.
Cover Art: Daniel Eschbach
Lay Out: Kylie Crombie
Catalogue #: SLICE044