Friday 27 August 2021

Winter Silence by Tok'ra, Psychoacoustic Vision

From the archives of Staefn's favourite unique productions comes "Winter Silence"!
A 2-track concept release of Tok'ra / Psychoacoustic Vision's latest manifestation of wildly psychedelic and masterfully progressive techno, now available on Slice Records.

There’s something strange about the caustic breeze at the Swamp Carnival tonight. The smell of mould overshadows your thoughts as garlands of blinking lights float above and ahead of you. Regardless, you enter the swamp towards the sound of distant horns. The dense cold liquid supports your body as you progress deeper, confused by the mechanical sounds sporadically occurring without any discernible presence. Small vibrations in the swamp begin to generate waves, hitting you in the face and blocking your vision from noticing the giant machine breaching the swamps' surface.
Distressing sounds radiate from its presence, something doesn't sound right. Is it communicating? Is it conscious? What is causing these broken sounds? The premonition that something is not right grows stronger. You turn around but the swamp is too thick- you can’t move. The sounds get more chaotic as the machine gets closer; its' oscillatory messages are making less sense as your mind breaks down. Disorientated from the unceasing sounds you give in, sucked into the swamp, struggling to keep your head up to breathe as you are being slowly dragged under. Your eyes open momentarily to see the machine extend itself to encompass you, engulfing you and claiming you as its' own. Everything turns black and you feel warm.
Slowly, you descend into winter's silence.

Winter Silence’s dark textures evolve, layering slowly as drums pulse ominously in the background, becoming louder as sirens blare only to disappear into themselves as the acid undertones rise in its wake. Your thoughts burrow into tunnels as the pitter-patter of unseen footsteps are heard all around you. You pause to gain your thoughts, to find an exit. The siren returns once more, embittered, angry, betrayed. You leave the tunnel but the siren gets louder.Your only choice is to turn back and follow the trails the acid left behind. The siren is antagonised.
The tunnels contract and close on you; as if they are alive. Your fading consciousness realises with muted horror that they have been waiting for you, and in some manner have been willed into existence precisely in order to consume you.
Satiated, these sentient hallways of darkness expand once more, as the silence of winter descends once again upon the landscape.
released July 10, 2020

Written and Produced by Staefn Bayley.
Artwork by Staefn Bayley.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Catalogue #: SLICE035

Slice Records is an Underground Electronic Music Record Label based in Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada and is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Group.