Friday 27 August 2021

Residue by Geist Contagion

Hatched in 2018, Geist Contagion is the latest solo project from Jonathan Haus of the Toronto-based glitch band The Databats.

Geist Contagion’s second EP “Residue” is an experimental electronic journey through spaces, outer and inner, inspired by concepts such as communications intelligence, government mind control, and the degradation of our physical environments. The EP’s frenetic beats and soaring synths create a hypnotic atmosphere of modern ambivalence, mirroring our own frenzied lives in late stage capitalism.

Constructed utilizing a myriad of analog, digital, modular and virtual synthesizers, “Residue” weaves in and out of genres and conventions to create a retro, yet modern textile of experimental electronic music.
released August 14, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Jonathan Haus.
Recorded at 974 Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2018-2020.
Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Haus.
Catalogue #: SLICE036

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