Friday 27 August 2021

Us by Jimmi-Woods, Arcane Trickster

Jimmi-Woods and Arcane Trickster team up for an excursion into Psy Prog and Trance with "Us" - a diverse three-track tribute to human strength in times of adversity.
This EP muses on the cosmic thread that binds Us together, that we are not a product of, or defined by the system we have created. We are inner and outa-dimensional beings, energy existing both here and now and light years beyond the solar system.
The exclamation of "Us" echo’s in our minds and out into deep space...
released August 15, 2020

Produced & Engineered by Jimmi-Woods & Arcane Trickster.
Recorded @ Jimmi's Studio & Tempest Studios.
Mixed by Jimmi-Woods.
Track 1 & 3 Written by John Crombie / Damiano Verna / James Woodcock.
Track 2 Written by Damiano Verna / James Woodcock.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Schizoid.
Cover-art by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue # SLICE037.

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