Friday, 27 August 2021

Qualia by Ear Mind Eye

From the envatted brain of producer Ear Mind Eye comes their Dark Tech EP entitled "Qualia". Transfiguring psychedelic, industrial and bush doof influences into their own style of textural and driving PsyTech.

Qualia is inspired by the concepts of simulated reality and time; the individual instances of subjective, conscious experience amongst the nature of our existence.
Take part in this sonic experience and how the perceived sensations are unique to you.
released August 28, 2020

Written & Produced by Cristian Crowley.
Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Cover-art by Clint Grierson, Point Zero Productions.
Catalogue #: SLICE038

Slice Records is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Group.

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