Friday 27 August 2021

Escaped from the Vault by Son of Zev

Back in a time when it was cheaper to buy synths from the thrift shop than to buy a computer and when mobile phones were tiny and couldn’t take photos, a young musician known as Son of Zev was performing Live Techno almost every week and working a crappy full time job. When doing neither of those things he was usually raving. Those gigs were often small raves in dirty warehouses, and grimy pubs and clubs and the occasional “big event”.
In between doing that, he would occasionally sequence and record some of the material and burn it on a CD to send off to promoters as a demo. These tracks featured on this mini EP are recorded straight to stereo, mixed and tweaked live. No editing, no multitrack fancy mixing, just raw. Never released and never uploaded...
Cut forward to 2021, and Son of Zev is clearing out old boxes of this ancient technology and stumbles across a backup CD-ROM. Poor and Pane were two of his dancefloor “bangers” of the time (although there was no such term) and capture the essence of those parties. Now they’ve escaped from the vault.

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releases August 27, 2021

All Tracks Written & Produced by Allan Klinbail.
Recorded at S.t.e.a.Mastering.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Catalogue #: SLICE052