Friday 19 May 2023

Sideways Jonnie by Robodop Snei

Lean back, take a trip into the world of Sideways Jonnie. We all know what it’s like to be lost at some point in life. Sideways Jonnie takes you on a ride through the strife and the struggle and yet offers hope and reassurance. We’re all in this together and have more in common than we realise, particularly in lonely times.
Sideways Jonnie is a chilled out downbeat album that takes you on a deep journey before throwing you back into the world in a positive way. Full of psychedelic tones, textures and colours, the music lifts your mind into blissful spheres while your feet are planted on the ground. On this album, Robodop Snei blends acoustic guitar with modern electronic vibes, before taking it to a whole other level with his spaced-out lyrics and vocals. Take a trip with Sideways Jonnie.

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