Friday 27 August 2021

Chronophage by Various Artists

Slice is very proud to announce the 40th release by our label, a compilation we call “Chronophage”. Comprised of 20 pre-released tracks highlighting various eras of Slice and 20 more previously unreleased cuts from producers from Melbourne and Toronto! We’ve got 40 ways to close out the idiocratic hellscape that is 2020 with a diverse range of underground electronic music.

This year has been very difficult for everyone. In our circle and wider collective we have felt the lack of gigs, loss of jobs, financial stresses, and negative impacts the pandemic has had on mental and physical health. It has also been difficult for the music industry being relegated and delegitimised by governments and other so-called “authorities”.

This compilation is a celebration of art and artists everywhere; a tribute to what we bring to the world. The art and communities we create stand in stark contrast to the oppression and wilful destruction of the environment we face today.

Amidst the chaos, music has, and always will, help people get through the most arduous times.

Massive thanks to all the artists and our supporters over the years. Hope you enjoy the Chronophage.
released December 1, 2020

Tracks 1 - 20 previously released on Slice Records.
Tracks 21 - 40 Mastered by Gareth Fox @ Studio Schizoid.
Compiled by Coolaid Crowley.
Artwork by Ear Mind Eye.
Slice is a proud member of the C.U.T. Music Label Group.