Friday 27 August 2021

A Decent Conversation by AnaToneDaMania

AnaToneDaMania is Rockawaysiren's solo project which explores themes surrounding isolation, insulation and loneliness. This self-titled debut looks to examine these topics through the lens of dark electronic pop music.

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released May 14, 2021

Tracks 1-6 Mix: Erik Scrape
Tracks 1-6 Original Master: Jason Norwood
Tracks 3,5 vocals recorded at: The P-Dale Pantry by Scott Righteous
Technical assistance on tracks 3,5: Scott Righteous
Technical assistance on track 3: Justin Minister
Additional Programming Tracks 1,2,3,5: Jonathan Haus
Album painting: Karen O'Keeffe
Art technician: Seamus O'Keeffe
Final Mix and Master: Jonathan Haus
Produced: Rockawaysiren

All Songs Written and Performed by Karen O'Keeffe

Thank you:

Ryan Clark, for believing in me and giving me the push I needed! Erik Scrape, for mixing and for my perfect backing tracks. Seamus, for always being there. Maria Minerva, for the beautiful remix. Slice Records, for making this album a reality.The Databats, for the gigs! Scott Righteous, Jason Norwood, Vancorvid, Rachel, Gareth Fox, Cristian Crowley, Jonathan and Rasiqra.