Thursday 29 October 2015

Stepping Inwards - SLICE 004

Stepping Inwards was a collaboration in the summertime of 2014 between James Woodcock (Jimmi-Woods) and Luke Horsfall (Dr Squiggle) that has now ended with the two artists focusing on their solo acts. Even though now defunct , the projects sheer quality demands its release.

Stepping Inwards is a journey into the realm of psychedelic techno. From the humble confines of the bedroom studio Luke and James chanted an incantation of the hypnotic, anodised with a layer of brooding intensity. As your hips begin to shake, the music proceeds to cross the blood brain barrier. Each track becomes a neuro-tropical landscape, comprised of deep tech rhythms accompanied by powerful peaks and enchantingly elongated sounds. As the music progresses from track to track this album is bound to stimulate your cerebellum and make you crave the call of the dancefloor.
Download the album here, it's pay what you want!

Stepping Inward’s sound captures elements of Techno, Psy and Prog, with their musical inspiration being drawn from artists such as Monolake, Son Kite, Kliment, Claude Von Stroke, Tetrameth, and Sensient, just to name a few.