Monday 13 October 2014

We have got the CD's pressed!

With the formation of Slice Records comes the next stage of our adventures- combining local psychedelic audio and visual artists in the form of digital and physical releases. Ever lamenting the death of the album, Slice wishes to bring the listener back to the 'journey' style of listening rather than consuming single songs & or at poor audio quality.

Our 1st release is various compilation of fine local electronic producers entitled "Metaphoenix", showcasing varying styles of quality electronic music. The comp features artists from the label and artists who have played at our events that have helped shape our parties. The comp was mastered by Cydelix (Cosmic Leaf, Greece) Cheers George! Thanks again to all the artists involved and helping make Slice what it is today!

Slice #002 is "The New Mythology by The ScullaMooks recorded over two separate studio sessions and mastered by Simon Polinski. A brain melting psychedelic journey that fuses traditional sequenced style with the natural spontaneity and energy of live improvisation. Copies of the CD will be available at the Launch party - full details here:

Both CD's are professionally pressed and printed. Artwork was skillfully done by Clint Grierson - Point Zero Productions, the magus of Graphics for Slice.

We have done a small limited edition run of CD's before they are released digitally worldwide on Beatport, Itune etc so check out the releases at if you want to get a copy!