Rogue Transmissions

Greetings Friends,
Slice Records is currently compiling and seeking submissions for a Dark Electronic Music Compilation featuring artists and producers from Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada, to showcase and compare the amazing perspectives, strengths, and styles each city has to offer.

We are calling for submissions of unreleased music for this exclusive release that will be distributed worldwide over a multitude of streaming and distribution platforms. The compilation will receive international promotion and exposure from Slice Records' far-reaching promotions network as well as through the channels and networks of each individual artist and their respective labels, crews or representation. The compilation will be available on Spotify, itunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, Deezer, Youtube Music and numerous other streaming services and online platforms.

Entitled ‘Rogue Transmissions’, this collection will explore the unique perspectives on thriving and surviving in our current geopolitical climate; resisting oppression and fascism; decrepit late stage capitalism; visions of a dystopian future; transhumanism; encroaching technological advancements; and otherwise providing commentary on life this tumultuous time.
Appropriate styles for submitting include, but are not limited to: industrial, cyberpunk, trip-hop, witch house, dark techno, experimental, dark ambient, IDM, darkwave, synthpunk, etc. If it's dark, we'll have a listen.

If you would like to be apart of this project, please email or contact us through our Slice Facebook Page to get the resource pack and full information on how to submit a track.

Submissions end 11th of October 2018, for release late 2018.

(Not final cover art)