Clouds Above Chaos

Truthers traversing the future wastelands today. The protagonist and antagonist pitting themselves in psychic battles against the omnipotent Mechkenna. Dissolving the 3rd dimension to reveal the 4th.

Gareth Fox and Cristian Crowley have been writing electronic music for nearly a decade apiece, and after meeting around 7 years ago have been challenging each others' perception of music ever since. A collaboration was inevitable, and Clouds Above Chaos was formed mid-2009. Often focusing on the journeys of Terence McKenna's head affixed to a mechanical spider traversing the barren wasteland left in the wake of the approach to the Singularity, Clouds
focus on producing evolving soundscapes interspersed with grinding, industrial beats and utterings from the furthest reaches of human consciousness. The project continues to mutate, integrating live instrumentation alongside realtime synthwork and effects.