Slice Records is an Underground Electronic Music Record Label based in Canberra and with artists operating out of Melbourne Australia and Toronto, Canada.

Slice Records is an independent record label dedicated to promoting and releasing boundary-pushing electronic music. Founded on the principles of artistic integrity and sonic innovation, Slice Records serves as a platform for emerging and established artists alike, fostering a community that celebrates the power of sound. With a diverse roster of visionary musicians, Slice Records continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.

From the depths of the subterranean labyrinth, Slice Records arose in 2011 as an audacious harbinger of sonic revolution. Steeped in the ethos of artistic audacity, we embarked upon a valiant quest to expose hidden talents and unfettered ingenuity within the electronic music realm. Our unwavering commitment to unearthing sonic artifacts has positioned us as architects of sonic transformation, attracting both trailblazing visionaries and burgeoning prodigies.

Like pulsar lights in the digital cosmos, our label orchestrates immersive spectacles that defy convention. Illuminated by multidimensional installations and enigmatic audiovisual productions, our gatherings transcend the banality of traditional dance floors. Here, in this nexus of art, technology, and music, we summon the echoes of unity and kindle the fire of inspiration. By intertwining our creative forces, we cultivate an ecosystem that nourishes the avant-garde spirit, amplifying the voices of visionaries who dare to reimagine the sonic tapestry.

Embrace the kaleidoscopic array of electronic marvels curated by Slice Records—a symphony that transcends boundaries and genres. From the hypnotic reverberations of deep house and the pulsating energies of techno, to the ethereal soundscapes of ambient and the intrepid voyages of experimentalism, our releases chart uncharted auditory territories. Within this sonic menagerie, every seeker of electronic truth will find their transcendental sojourn—a gateway to a symphony of the unseen and unheard. Dare to lose yourself within the electronic labyrinth of Slice Records.

Slice Records continues to source original underground quality music and is currently accepting submissions.

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