LazyBoyProactive is a live Electronica outlet for Melbourne based singer, songwriter, and producer, Ank Juwaheer. Ank believes that in moments of chaos comes real art.

Ank's musical journey began with “ Ziza ” a rock trio formed in 1997. Their first album Blue was released in 2000. In 2004 while Ank was studying music at University , he discovered Melbourne's vibrant electronic music scene, becoming a regular at outdoor festivals and clubs. LazyboyProactive was formed in 2006, and hit the live scene, but it wasn't until an intense 10 months in a beach house studio on a remote island in 2009 for the sound to really take shape.

The LazyBoyProactive debut album “Kaos Dream” is released through Tempest Recordings. Five years after the release of the Kaos Dream, LazyboyProactive has become a sensational live electronic music act, combining progressive, tech and pop sensibilities with live vocals, guitars, synths and stunning visuals.

In Space, In time and In life [SLICE008]:

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