Jimmi-Woods is a Melbourne, Australian based producer an experimental electronic musician who could be considered a genre crosser who underpins his sound with tech infused grooves. In every production he is continuously thinking outside the square but most importantly allows the music to develop where it needs to grow.

James started out as an avid drummer and percussionist, playing in many bands over the years, in particular the band Soul Trip. As a man who loves his groove, band or no band, he entered the realm of music production learning his craft with the very experimental Shifty Gypsies and then took it up a notch with the Psy Tech invoked Stepping Inwards. He is constantly learning and evolving his sound.
Jimmi-Woods has now released an EP 'Into The Outside' signing with 'Confusion In Motion Records, in the UK. Check out this unique underground label in the link section below.
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